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Review: Crno Zrno – Rosales

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Rosales Beans: Caturra, Castillo, Typica,Colombia, Natural, Narino, colombia.
Shop: Crno Zrno, Webshop, Ljubjana, Slovenia.

Crno Zrno – Rosales: Background information.

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In the beautiful hills of the now so famous department of Narino lie the municipalities of Buesaco and Tablón de Goméz. It is there that some of the best Colombian specialty coffees are grown. The area is located near the Pacific Ocean which creates a unique climate for coffee to grow in. Cool nights and warm days with a great humidity ensures a slow maturing of the coffee berries. The result of all this are coffees with a distinct sweetness and high quality. Over the years the quality of coffee in Narino has peaked tremendously and the first 90+ coffees have been harvested there recently. The Rosales is named after the local Rose plant that grows on the several farms that produced this coffee.

Crno Zrno – Rosales: opening the package.

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What I love about the package of the Crno Zrno coffees is that they come with a lot of information about the coffee. Not only do they provide a label on which you can find the roasting date, region etc but they also give out little cards with more information. The little cards contain the information about the process, altitude, shade on the the farm, harvest season and tasting notes. The package itself has a degassing valve but unfortunately no ziplock. When opening the package a soft tea like aroma comes out together with a sugar note and jasmine. This Jasmine note can be found in some of the beans when you eat them. When grinding the coffee I clearly note the herbal jasmine side of the coffee and a sweet scent.

Crno Zrno – Rosales: The tasting 1.

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I have reviewed this coffee on all three brewers that I have: Aeropress, Siphon and Hario V60. The coffee came out differently on all three but my personal preference went out to the Aeropress brew. I noted that the fruity notes came out more on the Aeropress whereas the sweet notes came out better on the Hario and Siphon. When the coffee is still hot the fruity notes were hard to detect so give this coffee some time to cool down.

Crno Zrno – Rosales: The tasting 2.

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From the first moment that I poured the hot water on the coffee grounds the floral and herbal notes on the coffee appeared. Lavender, Jasmine and Vanilla came together and created this lovely mix of aromas. After pouring the coffee in a glass this mix was accompanied by caramelized sugar. Fruity and sweet on the nose is definitely a great combination for a coffee. Lets see if it holds in the cup!

I take a sip and slurp oxygen inside my mouth, swirling it through my mouth while taking notes. The lavender and vanilla were gone and traded places with very nice flavours: lemon peel and cardamom. These fruity and sour notes create a saliva pulling effect in the lower sides of my mouth. The lemon peel and cardamom flavours got accompanied by a dark sweet caramelized sugar note. As I let the coffee cool off the mouthfeel changed into a grapefruit bitter while still holding on to the dark sweetness of the caramelized sugar. Even a hint of a soft chocolate could be found in the aftertaste. The citric acidity is high on this coffee and go’s very well with the lemon peel and cardamom flavours.

Crno Zrno – Rosales: The Verdict.

The Rosales from Crno Zrno is a nice coffee that should be brewed with several different brewers to discover all the flavours. The aromas on the coffee are a treat: Lavender, Jasmine and Vanilla. The fruity notes in the brew come with a pleasant sourness and the caramelized sugar eases it all into a nice brew. I liked this coffee most when it was cooled down enough for the grapefruit mouthfeel to appear. Only then did I get the full scope of this coffee. Crno Zrno blended this into a great coffee and created a balanced brew that is easy for everyone to drink.

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