Schot Koffie nensebo 2

From the get go this coffee made a statement in the cup. Full flavours and aroma’s dominate your senses while smelling and tasting. Cherry, Raspberry, Strawberry and cocoa make for an excellent blend. Read More →

The Barn Coffee Roasters Mahembe Logo

The Mahembe is has a unique profile that should be appreciated in the right setting. It is not a coffee to drink during rush hour or when you have a minute before leaving for work. This coffee should be enjoyed while taking your time.Read More →

Cafecito Central Lempira logo

Hits: 4Beans: Finca Los Laureles, Lempira, Natural, Santa Barbara, Honduras. Shop: Cafecito Central, Webshop, Den Bosch, The Netherlands. Cafecito Central – Lempira: Background information. The Cafecito Central Lempira is a coffee from Finca Los Laureles in Honduras. The finca is owned by Ruth and Ramon Enamorado and is located inRead More →

Eau de cafe Panama Hartmann Filter

Hits: 79  Beans: Caturra, Finca Hartmann, Boquete, Panama. Distilled: De Pronckheer, Cothe, The Netherlands Shop: Boot Koffie, webshop, The Netherlands. Eau de Cafe Panama Hartmann Filter: Background information. Eau de Cafe Panama Hartmann Filter is a product that came into existence by two parties: Boot Baarn and distillery De PronckheerRead More →