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Review: Cafecito Central – Familia Perez

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Beans: Cafecito Central, Familia Perez, Catuai, Natural Process, La Paz, Honduras.
Shop: Cafecito Central, webshop, Den Bosch, The Netherlands.

Cafecito Central – Familia Perez: Background Information.

Cafecito Central Familia Perez 6In this review I will tell something about the Catuai Natural from Cafecito Central. This coffee comes from La Paz in Honduras and originates from the Montecillos region. The name of the farm is Familia Perez and is located on an altitude around 1500 meters above sea level. The farm is over 100 years old and has been handed down to four generations now. The area is covered in mountains and has a great humidity and sun exposure to the coffee plants. This in turn results in a micro climate that creates a perfect environment for growing coffee. The farm grows the Typica and Catuai varietal and uses different processing techniques.

Cafecito Central – Familia Perez: Opening the package.

Cafecito Central Familia Perez 2The package of Cafecito Central is beige and comes with a bordeaux red logo with a some really nice artwork. The logo has some old houses depicted on it that represent the actual city of Den Bosch. One of the little turrets on one of the houses seem to have a lever coming to give the impression that its a grinder. Very nice! On the label it tells you what kind of beans are in the package, the roasting date and information on the farm. Of course the package has a degassing valve and ziplock.

When I open the package a soft chocolate aroma escapes. The beans are roasted perfectly even en there are hardly any defects in the package. The beans are all of the same size as well so you can see there has clearly been a lot of quality control for this coffee. Im getting excited already! I eat a bean and it feels crunchy as I bite down. A soft faint sour spike comes forth for a split second and then it’s a mellow flavour of dark tea but without the bitterness. The ground coffee smells a little like gravy and peanuts, which surprises me a little to be honest. Well, time to brew!


Cafecito Central – Familia Perez: The Tasting.

Cafecito Central Familia Perez 3I have brewed this coffee on the Aeropress, Hario V60 and Siphon. I liked the Siphon brew the most because of the higher sweetness that came forth after brewing. I used 14.2 grams of coffee with 170 grams of water. The out temperature was 73 degrees.

As I started brewing the Siphon, a sweet aroma that carried notes of vanilla and flower blossom appeared immediately. The floral note obviously was a by-product of the vanilla scent. When the brewing was done and I poured the coffee in my cup, the scent got another note to it, that of sugared tea.
I took a sip of the coffee when I just poured it in the cup. The coffee is still hot but there is a lot to discover already. As I slurp oxygen inside my mouth the coffee gives off a pleasant but faint flavour of sugared tea that is quickly followed by a vanilla flavour. The coffee does not develop any further so I let the coffee cool off a little before taking another sip.

Cafecito Central Familia Perez 5This time when I slurp oxygen inside my mouth, the vanilla is right there with the sugared tea notes. As the coffee swirls through my mouth there is still no bitterness or sourness to be detected, which is a good thing to me. As I start swallowing the coffee the aftertaste starts to develop in the back of my mouth. I feel a bit of creamy Nutella chocolate (hazelnut chocolate) appear together with soft caramel and caramelized sugar. The aftertaste does not linger long.
The mild citric acidity feels very good with the flavour palate and this coffee is great to drink throughout the day.


Cafecito Central – Familia Perez: The Verdict.

Cafecito Central specializes in Honduran coffee and it is no surprise that owner Jose picks out only the top range of the coffees that are available. This Catuai scored 87 points and is a coffee that is certainly worth trying. The aroma’s and flavours of this coffee are balanced, delicate and make this a coffee you can enjoy all day long. I brewed the coffee on the Aeropress, Hario V60 and Siphon and all three were great. The Siphon, however, did make for a coffee with the best sweetness. Cafecito Central also offers this coffee as green coffee (unroasted) for those who like to try it out for themselves. A special note to the roaster of this coffee: this coffee is majestically roasted!

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