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Review: Gardelli – Nensebo

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Beans: Gardelli Nensebo, Heirloom, Natural, Guji, Ethiopia.
Shop: Gardelli, webshop, Italy, Europe.

Gardelli – Nensebo: Background information:

The Gardelli Nensebo Lot 4 is a coffee from the competition series of the famous roaster Rubens Gardelli. The Nensebo scored over 90 points during the quality rating and comes from Guji, Ethiopia. Grown at an altitude between 1950m and 2150m the beans are all hand picked and have undergone a natural fermentation process.
This lot has been processed at the Ch’Ire Ameli washing station in the Nensebo woreda, Guji are. More than 700 small holder farmers bring their cherries to Ch’Ire Ameli, who then made a selection and gave the cherries a natural process using the traditional raised beds.
The Nensebo is represented in the Gardelli Specialty Coffees competition series for three years in a row.

Gardelli – Nensebo: Opening the package.

Gardelli Nensebo logo 2The package of Gardelli comes in the famous pink coloured bag with a degassing valve and ziplock. On the front of the package you will find the name, country and quality score of the coffee. On the back of the package you can find all the other information that you’ll need: cupping notes, altitude, variety, process and even when the cherries were picked. When opening the package the scent of strawberry and blueberry welcome you into the world of the Nensebo coffee. Looking inside you can see small beans that have all been equally roasted. When I bite down on a bean I notice that it’s quite hard and a flavour of tea and fruits already appears right away. I start grinding the coffee and again the scent of blueberry and strawberry waft up from the grounds. Let’s brew this coffee!

Gardelli – Nensebo: The tasting.

This coffee just asked to be brewed on my favourite brewers at home: V60, Aeropress and Siphon. I’ll start with the V60 review first.

Gardelli Nensebo brew 3As I started to bloom the coffee on the Hario V60, the fruitiness fills up the room. It is as if a cup of strawberry and blueberry tea are standing right next to me. During the brewing the aromas lessen somewhat and get a little hint of lavender on the nose. After brewing I take a sip and notice the clear soft flavour of strawberry that is overly apparent. As I slurp oxygen inside quickly a note of blueberry appears as well. I start to swirl the coffee round in my mouth and as I do so, and the coffee cools off a little, the Apricot starts to form. Swallowing the coffee the apricot is now carried by the berry fruitiness and invites yet another flavour: mango.
Swallowing the coffee leaves a mix between strawberry and a hint of apricot still in my mouth.

Gardelli Nensebo brew 4For the Aeropress I use my own, cold bloom 20/240gr recipe. The result of this recipe is a smooth and rounded coffee that has full on flavours of strawberry and blueberry. The apricot that was apparent on the V60, now only leaves a hint in the back of my mouth. The recipe also ensures that the acidity is lowered significantly but heightens the sweetness. I feel my saliva glands being stimulated, creating a strawberry and blueberry jam like sweetness in my mouth. When slurping oxygen inside my mouth the sweetness mingles and intensifies the flavours a little more. Only in the long aftertaste do I get a hint of the mango, but only when the berry fruitiness has expended its influence.

Gardelli Nensebo brew 1On the Siphon I use a 14.3/175gr recipe that needs for the water to never reach a boiling temperature. As I brew this coffee I clearly smell the aroma of strawberry on the nose. When I take a sip, the flavours of strawberry and blueberry are less apparent on the palette. The flavours are almost immediately accompanied by the apricot flavour, making it a rounded sensation. As I slurp oxygen inside my mouth I detect a satin-like mouthfeel with a soft sweetness that hints of jam. The aftertaste is less long than the aftertaste on the Aeropress, but it still is a nice aftertaste nonetheless.

Gardelli – Nensebo: The Verdict.

Gardelli is probably the most famous roaster in the world and, as uncle Ben told Peter Parker, “With great power, comes great responsibilities.”. This also goes for Gardelli as expectations are high with each and every package that is sold. Every coffee from Gardelli Specialty Coffees should be worth the money that you’re paying…and with this Gardelli Nensebo that is definitely the case. On all three brewers, this coffee brought quality to the table. Strawberry, Blueberry, Apricot and Mango all carried, supported and defined this coffee as I drank it. The only downside was that I didn’t get the Lime in the coffee, but maybe that’s on me in this case. This Gardelli Nensebo is a great coffee with clear flavours and aroma’s that is worthy of the 90.50 points that it got during the quality rating. If there is still a package left, go ahead and buy it.

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