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Review: The Cupping Room – Gesha Village #96

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Bean: Gesha Cultivar, Natural process, Oma Gesha, Ethiopia.
Shop: The Cupping Room, Hong Kong.

The Cupping Room – Gesha Village lot 96: Background information.

In 2011 Adam Overton began developing a 500 hectare coffee farm in Gesha, Ethiopia with one vision in mind: to produce the best coffee in the world. After an exctensive search, the estate location was chosen based on strict criteria of altitude (1900-2100 MASL), ample rainfall, temperature patterns, rich virgin forest soil, old growth trees, and an existing coffee ecosystem. The result is a coffee estate with coffee that is renowned throughout the world for its quality.

Gesha Village is a 471-hectare coffee farm in Gesha, Ethiopia, with an astonishing elevation of 1909m-2069m. This estate is divided into eight “blocks” for added transparency and traceability of terroir, where three different Gesha varieties are planted and harvested. Each block has its own micro-climate and soil conditions, which result in the coffees developing unique characteristics specific to each block. This coffee is processed as a Natural, with floaters removed and then sun-dried in thin layers on raised African beds with parabolic covers for 18-30 days.

The Cupping Room in Hong Kong bought the Gesha Village Lot 96 and have done a tremendous job at roasting it to perfection. Kapo Chiu himself roasted this coffee and so expectations are high.

The Cupping Room – Gesha Village lot 96: Opening the package.

The Cupping Room sells their coffees in stylish black and white packages with some nice art on it. The package comes with a degassing valve and a ziplock to ensure its freshness. When opening the package out comes this waft of fruity sweetness together with a mix of floral notes and it does not diminish even after opening it time and again. The aromas coming off from fresh beans can tell a lot about the coffee, and this says it all! This is top of the line coffee. Eating a bean is no punishment either; the bean is roasted perfectly and there is a soft sweetness to the boan as I chew before a soft sourness comes to play. Lets grind this coffee and brew!

The Cupping Room – Gesha Village lot 96: The tasting.

Gesha Village Lot 96 The Cupping Room brewI have tasted this Gesha Village on the Aeropress, Siphon and Hario V60. My personal favourite for this coffee was the Hario V60 with an 20 grams dosage of coffee. Using mineral water of 90 degrees Celsius and 300 grams of water gave me a very nice result for this coffee. I bloomed this coffee with 50 grams of water for 40 seconds before pouring up to 120 grams afterwards. After this I poured 60 grams of water until I reached the 300 grams mark.

When blooming the Gesha Village the floral notes spring up immediately and fill the air. When pouring the second pour you can smell a tropical fruit sweetness mingle with the floral aromas. This creates a wonderful scent on the nose and creates a huge expectation for the rest of the brew.
When the brew is finished I take a sip and the floral notes disappears a little and is replaced with pineapple and a hint of honey that will become more apparent as the brew cools off. The sensation in my mouth is complex and multi layered. There is a hint of menthol on the lower side of my tongue and a white pepper sensation up in my mouth as I swallow the coffee. The aftertaste is that of more tropical fruit such a mango and more pineapple. The best part is when the coffee is cooled down and the pineapple mingles with the honey. The creamy body of this Gesha Village is just amazing and comes together so well with the bright acidity that seems to open up my pallet even more.

The Cupping Room – Gesha Village lot 96: The verdict.

Gesha Village Lot 96 The Cupping Room brew 2When you are going to drive in a Ferrari, you expect it to be an amazing experience. The same goes for the Gesha Village Lot 96 from The Cupping Room in Hong Kong, and it lives up to the expectation. The roast is so even and perfect that the only one who can mess up this coffee is you. The Gesha Village coffee holds so many layers of flavours and aromas that you will keep discovering more on your pallet with each cup. The floral notes are amazing on the nose and it gets even better when you start to drink the brew. Pineapple, mango, a menthol sensation together with a white pepper aspect is a complete package you should not miss out on. The body and acidity go together perfectly. What else can I say about this coffee? If you live in Hong Kong, get your butt over to The Cupping Room to buy a package of this gem! Great Job!

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