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Review: Geisha Specialty Coffee – Kenya Kirinyaga

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>Bean: SL28 and SL34 AB, washed, Kirinyaga County, Kenya.
Shop: Geisha Specialty Coffee, Singapore.

Geisha Specialty Coffee – Kenya Kirinyaga: Background information.

Geisha Specialty Coffee - Kenya Kirinyaga logoThis Kenya Kirinyaga from Geisha Specialty Coffee comes from Kirinyaga County in Kenya. This County is located north-east from Nairobi and harbours many farms in the area. This coffee comes from the Kirin Yaga Balafway Cooperative and the grow the coffee at 1800 meters. The lower temperatures make for slower photosynthesis which in turn results in a high complexity in the coffee. That does not sound so bad huh?



Geisha Specialty Coffee – Kenya Kirinyaga: Opening the package.

The best coffee shops in Singapore Geisha Specialty CoffeeWhen I open up the black non-logo package of Geisha Specialty Coffee, I can clearly see two distinct sizes of beans. The roast is even and I am greeted with a tea-like scent that softly comes forth. Biting down on one of the beans, the black tea aroma hit my palette together with a short spike of sweetness. I decide to brew this coffee on the Hario V60 and I use a 20grams recipe over 280 grams of water. It is a bit steep but I find that this ratio works best for me on this coffee. As a temperature I use 88 degrees. Let’s brew!





Geisha Specialty Coffee – Kenya Kirinyaga: The Tasting

Geisha Specialty Coffee - Kenya Kirinyaga brewI start brewing this coffee and quickly I notice a clear Black Tea scent coming off of the brew. A sweet berry like scent is short and faint but definitely there. When I inhale a little deeper the aroma of seaweed leaves (as in sushi leaves) come to my attention. I always like that scent. When the brew continues, a faint tomato aroma can also be detected. The brewing is done and I take a sip of the coffee. I immediately notice the citric acidity and the orange juice mouthfeel that I feel on my tongue. The mouthfeel gets a super nice grapefruit bitterness when I swallow the coffee. The taste of black tea is apparent, as well as orange peel and light cranberry. As the brew cools down there is a sweetness that appears and completes this coffee as a whole. In the aftertaste I can make out a faint chocolate flavour that you sometimes get with a Kenyan coffee. I would have loved it if that would be a little more distinct in this coffee.

Geisha Specialty Coffee – Kenya Kirinyaga: The verdict.

Geisha Specialty Coffee has roasted a good coffee here. I love how the citric aspects of the coffee come forth together with the black tea. Lemon, Orange, Cranberry and Grapefruit, all of these fruits have something to say in this brew and none stand out as weird or strange. The grapefruit aspect is something I appreciate a lot in this coffee. I would not drink this coffee all day long, but as a lunch break coffee, or afternoon brew, this coffee is most welcome! Great job Geisha Specialty Coffee!

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