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Review: Rufous Coffee – Kenya Kagwanja AA

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Beans: Kenya Kagwanja AA, SL28/SL34, Washed, Kiambu, Kenya.
Shop: Rufous Coffee, Taipei, Taiwan

Rufous Coffee – Kenya Kagwanja AA: Background information.

Rufous Coffee is one of the most famous coffee shops in Taipei. Owner Xiao Yang roasts the coffee himself and takes pride in the coffee that he serves. Earlier I reviewed his famous Rufous Espresso blend that got a staggering 91 points on coffeereview. This Kagwanja AA is a Kenyan coffee from the Kiambu district. Grown at an altitude between 1850 and 1950 meters high at the Kagwanja Factory, this coffee has undergone a washed process and consists out of the SL28 and SL34 beans.

Rufous Coffee – Kenya Kagwanja AA: Opening the package.

Rufous Kagwanja AA AeropressThe Rufous package comes in a classy black package with orange/rusty colored print (the color is the color ‘Rufous’). Obviously the package has a degassing valve and a degassing valve. As I tear open the package my nose fills itself with the aroma a fresh tomato’s. With a Kenyan coffee I always think that that is a good thing! The coffee is evenly roasted and ready to get brewed!





Rufous Coffee – Kenya Kagwanja AA: The Tasting.

Rufous Kagwanja AA SiphonThis coffee is perfect for all sorts of brewing methods and I have reviewed it on the Siphon, V60 and Aeropress. Although the V60 and Aeropress we’re absolutely fine, the Siphon was my personal favorite. I used the recipe that I got from mr. Kao from Coffee Sweet and used only 14 grams of coffee. While grinding the tomato aroma was accompanied by a tea like aroma that was not too obvious. The moment I started brewing those two aroma’s were accompanied by a seaweed smell that was only noticeable during brewing.





Rufous Kagwanja AA Hario V60But the real treat starts when you take a sip and slurp oxygen inside and let the coffee roll through your mouth. The tomato flavor appeared first but was pushed back by that of red berries and black tea. Even though I didn’t taste the tomato as much while the coffee cooled down, a soft sourness and little bitterness were clearly still there. After swallowing the coffee soft tannin’s did their work in my mouth as well. If you drink this coffee you should taste it while it is still hot, and when it is cooled down. You will be able to notice that the red berries turn much sweeter at the end. The bright acidity feels really good on your tongue, the mouthfeel could be described as juicy while the acidity is a medium one. The aftertaste surprised me a lot since normally it would linger for only so long. This Kagwanja AA coffee has a lasting aftertaste that makes you want to brew yet another cup!


Rufous Coffee – Kenya Kagwanja AA: The Verdict.

Xiao Yang has roasted a beautiful Kenyan coffee with all the characteristics that I love so much in Kenyan coffee. Tomato aroma and flavor, black tea, red berries…even the seaweed scent is one that I love to discover on a Kenyan coffee while brewing. are you living in Taipei? Travel to Da’an District and visit Rufous Coffee to try of buy the Kagwanja AA!

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