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Review: Nido Taipei – Nido Blend

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Beans: Nido Blend (Yirgacheffe, Colombia, Brazil).
Shop: Nido, Yamada Coffee, Taipei, Taiwan.

Since the recipe of the Nido Blend is a secret, the background info on this review will be a little different. The blend is only for sale in the Nido coffee shop but do not let that hold you back! Let’s start reviewing.

Nido Blend – Background information

nido interior 2The Nido Blend recipe is a secret and the only information that I got from owner Bruce Yang is that the blend consists out of a Yirgacheffe, a Colombian and a Brazilian bean. The roasting method used is a traditional old style Japanese roasting process. This type of roasting looks like a full Italian roast, but the coffee is only suitable for filter coffee. The first time I tasted this blend, I was flabbergasted with the tasting notes and the softness of the coffee. Nido is a coffee shop in Taipei that is hidden away from prying eyes by owner Bruce Yang. The shop is unique in the world of coffee and (as far as I know) is the only shop that has a Oolong tea/coffee blend on the menu. If you want to know more about Nido, I suggest you read the blog I wrote about it.

Nido Blend – Opening the package.

Nido Blend opening the packageThe Nido Blend comes in a beige package with a ziplock and degassing valve. Aside from the Nido logo, you can see the line Yamada Coffee which, I assume, is the roaster. When opening the package immediately the scent of the dark roasted beans greets you. Tobacco is the first thing that comes to mind and there is also a soft sweetness to the scent. The beans are dark, really dark. Do not let that fool you, however, this is a filter coffee! The beans are all evenly roasted and when I grind them the whole room is soon filled with the pungent but pleasant scent of these beans.

Nido Blend – The tasting.

Nido Blend opening the packageI have brewed the Nido Blend on the Siphon, the Hario V60 and the Aeropress. The main difference on these three brewing methods is the difference in intensity of the coffee. Personally I would recommend brewing the Nido Blend either on the Hario V60 or with the Aeropress. The Aeropress makes the blend a little sweeter and the Hario V60 will give this coffee an even result in flavour notes. The Siphon, one of my favourite brewing methods, distorts the tasting notes into a bland brew. The flavors do not come out the way they are supposed to. This, however, could be the result of a lack of Siphon knowledge on my part. If you brew the blend with the Siphon and think that I am mistaken, please let me know so that I can adjust the recipe and this review as well.



Nido Blend – Hario V60:

Nido Blend Hario V60I used 18 grams of the coffee and brewed the coffee with a temperature of 85 degrees Celsius. When blooming the coffee a sweet but pungent tobacco scent comes forth, the scent will hardly subside, making it a real joy to brew it. After the brew is done I take in the scent once more: sweet pipe tobacco, cognac and dark chocolate notes all mingle into to pleasant aroma. I take a sip of the coffee, slurp oxygen inside my mouth while swirling the coffee round and round. My senses are working in overdrive as the flavors that appear stimulate my mouth everywhere. At the front there is a sweetness that feels like brown sugar. At the same time the full flavor of pipe tobacco and dark chocolate appear and mingle with the sugar. The coffee tastes smokey, sweet and even a little alcoholic that gives off the impression of warm cognac again. When swallowing the coffee, my tongue is stimulated in a way that makes me produce sweet saliva. It sounds weird, but it is actually really good and one of the aspects that I appreciate so much in this coffee. When breathing back through my closed mouth the cognac (or maybe even smokey whiskey) aspect of the coffee comes forth and gives it an alcoholic aspect. The intensity of the coffee is full on, as well as the body. The mouthfeel, however, is super soft and smooth. It is a unique coffee in my opinion.

Nido Blend – Aeropress.

Nido Blend coffeeFor the Aeropress I use a 20 grams recipe with a low temperature of 83 degrees. The blooming is at 40 seconds with a brewing time of 1 minute to 1:20 depending on the smell that I got of the brew. While the tasting notes are similar to the tasting notes of the Hario V60, the Aeropress has a distinct sweeter note to it in all aspects. The brown sugar sweetness that stimulates my tongue is a little more obvious in this brew. The intensity is heavier on the pallet and in my personal opinion I preferred the Aeropress brew over the Hario V60 in the morning when I want to wake up. On the Aeropress brew I even got a soft caramel aftertaste when breathing oxygen back through my nose via my closed mouth. The aftertaste just lingers and lingers for a long time after drinking this coffee.



Nido Blend – The verdict

Nido Blend Coffee logo 2Nido is a very special coffee shop to me, it is unique and has a spot in my personal top 5 of best coffee shops in the world. The Nido Blend is unique in its own way as well. The dark roast will at first surprise you, but when you taste this blend you too will appreciate the aromas and tasting notes that come with the brew. Dark chocolate, Pipe Tobacco, Cognac, sugar sweetness and a lingering aftertaste are coming together so well in this roast. And then the aspects that complete this brew: a smooth and soft mouthfeel, ‘alcoholic’ cognac aftertaste and a full body plus intensity. If you visit the Nido coffee shop in Taipei, make sure to buy a package of this blend and enjoy it at home.

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