Lilo coffee Roasters Alfredo Diaz logo

Beans: Caturra, Natural, Jarabacoa, Dominican Republic. Shop: Lilo Coffee Roasters, Osaka, Japan. lilo Coffee Roasters: Don Alfredo Diaz – Background information. Lilo coffee roasters’ Alfredo Diaz is a single origin coffee from the Jarabacoa district in the Dominican Republic. The Don Alfredo farm is well known in the world ofRead More →

The best coffee shops in Singapore Marina Bay Sands

In this article I will tell you about the best coffee shops in Singapore. When people think of Singapore they often think of high-rises, money, expensive cars and expats. Underneath the surface of all that is an extensive coffee scene that offers the best coffee, great Baristas and coffee shopsRead More →

Rufous Kagwanja AA Logo

Beans: Kenya Kagwanja AA, SL28/SL34, Washed, Kiambu, Kenya. Shop: Rufous Coffee, Taipei, Taiwan Rufous Coffee – Kenya Kagwanja AA: Background information. Rufous Coffee is one of the most famous coffee shops in Taipei. Owner Xiao Yang roasts the coffee himself and takes pride in the coffee that he serves. EarlierRead More →

Nido Blend Logo

Beans: Nido Blend (Yirgacheffe, Colombia, Brazil). Shop: Nido, Yamada Coffee, Taipei, Taiwan. Since the recipe of the Nido Blend is a secret, the background info on this review will be a little different. The blend is only for sale in the Nido coffee shop but do not let that holdRead More →