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Review: Out of the Grey – Mexican Custepec SHG

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Beans: Mexican Custepec, Caturra, Washed and sun dried, Single estate, Finca Alamo, Mexico.
Shop: Out of the Grey, Webshop, United States of America.

Out of the Grey – Mexican Custepec: Background information.

Chiapas Mexico CustepecIn the year 1911 the Dieckmann family founded Finca Custepec  in the Chiapas region and started to cultivate coffee through the year 1956. It was during that year that the family not only produced, milled and exported coffee, they also founded the BENEFICIO CUSTEPEC S.A DE C.V. This company commercialized the production of coffee in the area and nowadays consist out of 17 family owned farms. The Mexican Custepec coffee from Out of the Grey comes from Finca Alamo that is a member of this organisation. Finca Alamo started growing the Caturra variety 5 years ago on an altitude between 1105m and 1250m. The area is locked in between two patches of virgin rainforest which provide an excellent microclimate for growing this coffee.


Out of the Grey – Mexican Custepec: Opening the package.

Mexico Custepec GrindingThis coffee comes in a beige bag that holds 340 grams of coffee. The degassing valve and zip lock are present so it is easy to keep the coffee as fresh as possible. Opening the package is a treat because of the soft caramel and chocolate sweet scent that greets you when you inhale. With some coffees this scent diminishes quite fast but with the Mexican Custepec this is not the case. When I take a bean and start to chew I taste a sourness to the bean which fades away after a couple of seconds. The beans are dark roasted but I don’t worry about that too much. In my latest review of Out of the Grey, the darker colour turned out just fine on the Costa Rican. Lets brew.


Out of the Grey – Mexican Custepec: The tasting.

Mexico Custepec BrewAs I look at the coffee being ejected from my grinder I notice the smell slowly taking over the room. The fresh coffee has a sweet but dark chocolate scent to it that has a caramel aspect as well. I start brewing and to my surprise I got the grind size right in the first try. The creamy, thick brew that flows out of my machine makes my mouth water. After 29 seconds I have got my 30ml of coffee and smell at the cup. I smell a myriad of aromas: nuts, dark cocoa and a woody scent that is accompanied by a honey sweetness and soft caramel. Taking a sip I feel the creamy thick crema mingle with the full bodied intense brew. Swirling the coffee around in my mouth the first thing that hits my mouth is a warm caramel sweetness that also makes me thing of honey in a way. It is not a soft flavour but a spiky sweetness that gradually tones down. Then the nutty flavours appear with a hint of dark chocolate bitterness. Just when you think that the chocolate bitterness is going to set in, it fades away and leaves a balanced, yet strong taste in your mouth. Here you have a taste of caramel sweetness, dark chocolate, and nuts. As a dessert you will find a wood like aspect added in the aftertaste. The coffee has a medium to high acidity that is citrus like.


Out of the Grey – Mexican Custepec: The Tasting part 2.

Mexico Custepec Brew CappuccinoBrewing a Cappuccino (or any other latte based drink) is totally recommendable here. The thing that makes this coffee so likeable for e.g. a Cappuccino, is the caramel/honey sweetness that accompanies this dark flavoured coffee. A beautiful coloured crema is ideal for a nice Latte Art to impress your friends. If you normally drink your Cappuccino with sugar, I would say that you can easily skip that. The milk combines beautifully with the honey sweetness and gives off the impression of drinking a warm coco!


Out of the Grey – Mexican Custepec: The Verdict.

Out of the Grey provided yet another beautiful espresso roast here. The coffee is intense, full bodied and super creamy. The way the flavours build up in your mouth is amazing and the fact that the bitterness does not push through in the end, gives this coffee extra credits. If you like waking up in the morning while drinking an Espresso or Latte with nuts, cocoa and a caramel/honey sweetness that is topped off with a woody aftertaste, this is the coffee for you. Great roasting!

If you want to buy this coffee, click on the banner below to go to the website of Out of the Grey. Out of the Grey is located in Pennsylvania, USA:

PS: Out of the Grey has an advertisement on my website but are in no way involved in this review. I did not get paid for a positive review, nor did Out of the Grey revised this article in any way. Just as with any other review my opinion is in no way influenced by the roaster or webshop.

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