Out of the Grey - Daterra Sweet Yellow

Out of the Grey – Daterra Sweet Yellow

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Beans: Daterra Sweet Yellow, Yellow Bourbon, pulped semi-washed, Brazil.
Shop: Out of the Grey, webshop, Pennsylvania, USA.

Brazilian Daterra Sweet Yellow – Background information.

Daterra Yellow Sweet farmDaterra, or ‘from the earth’, was founded as a brand in 1976 in Brazil. De founding family, however, has its roots in coffee since 1908 when an Italian family out of Bari started a coffee farm in Cerrado Mineiro, Brazil. Events of life made the family abandon coffee and pursue a career in auto parts, but fate has steered them towards coffee almost 70 years later.
In the ’80s Daterra bought two farms near Cerrado Mineiro; the farms were in poor condition and so was the surrounding lands. It took the company ten years to renovate and restructure the business before they could properly start cultivating coffee. Together with the university of Sao Paulo, Daterra has created a system in which the environment is protected and kept in shape for future generations. Although sustainability is the highest point on their list, Daterra keeps working on developing ways to give back to nature, instead of just taking.

Daterra Sweet Yellow – Opening the package.

Daterra brew 2Out of the grey has its own package with a degassing valve and ziplock. At the bottom of the front you can find some information about the tasting notes and the package contains 12 oz. (350 grams of coffee). When you open the package there is a sweetness that comes out, together with an underlying note of nuts. This makes for a pleasant scent that already tells you something about this coffee. The beans are evenly roasted and have a crunchy feel to it when I eat one. The bean tastes a little sour and soon get company of a soft bitterness at the end. As I grind the coffee I can smell nuts and spices on the nose, together with wholegrain cookies. Let’s grind!

Daterra Sweet Yellow – The tasting.

Out of the Grey - Daterra Sweet YellowThe coffee flows out of the machine like a dark syrup that gradually changes into a specked beige. The soft sweet smell of this coffee hints towards caramel and cookies and is soft to the nose. When taking a sip I can clearly get the nutty undertone of the scent as well. I notice that this coffee has a thick crema and satin mouthfeel. It feels pleasant when I swirl it through my mouth while slurping in oxygen at the same time. The nutty scent now gets form; pecan and soft leather with a honey sweetness. There is a fruity aspect to this coffee that finishes it off and introduces the aftertaste. The aftertaste is also very pleasant: The pecan flavor now has a walnut aspect to it and is carried by a hint of fennel in the back of my mouth as well as a cocoa note. The citric acidity of the coffee is low to medium and creates a coffee that you can drink all day long.

Daterra Sweet Yellow – The verdict.

The Brazilian Daterra Sweet Yellow is a very well balanced cup of coffee. The typical nutty flavor of the Brazilian coffee is there, but is supported by flavors of leather, walnut, pecan, honey, fennel and cocoa. Don’t forget the scent of caramel and whole grain cookies that are very pleasant on the nose. The fruity aspect of the coffee, together with that low to medium citric acidity, makes this a very nice coffee that you can drink all day long.

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