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Review: Out of the Grey – Kilimanjaro Peaberry

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Bean: Kilimanjaro Peaberry, Washed and Sun dried, Kilimanjaro, Tanzania.
Shop: Out of the Grey, Pennsylvania, USA.

Out of the Grey – Kilimanjaro Peaberry: Background information.

Out of the Grey Kilimanjaro Peaberry brew 3To tell you some more about this coffee I want to explain something about the Peaberry. This cherry is a normal coffee cherry except for the fact that it contains only one coffee bean. When farmers grow coffee, 5% of the cherries contain just one bean in the cherry. This bean gets all of the nutrients that the coffee plant would normally divide over two beans. This creates a bean that has all the potential to become super intense and tasteful. At Out of the Grey they roasted a Peaberry coffee that comes from the slopes of Mount Kilimanjaro.

Mount Kilimanjaro is about 5850 meters high and is the only mountain in Africa to have perpetual snow on its peak. This coffee was grown at an altitude between 1800 and 2000 meters above sea level, at the lower slopes of the mountain. The unique climate and washed process give this coffee its distinct aroma’s and flavours.


Out of the Grey – Kilimanjaro Peaberry: Opening the package.

Out of the Grey Kilimanjaro Peaberry brew 2While this package is still the old design that Out of the Grey used, this coffee was roasted freshly when it came to my house. The new design differs only in the logo, but the degassing valve and ziplock are still there. When opening the package a soft sugary chocolate scent comes forth, carried by a hint of floral notes. I take a bean and chew on it to immediately get an earl grey taste. The bean gets a fruity spike before turning a little sour and bitter at the end. Let’s grind and brew this coffee and see how tasteful this Kilimanjaro Peaberry really is.


Out of the Grey – Kilimanjaro Peaberry: The Tasting.

Out of the Grey Kilimanjaro Peaberry brewI grind the coffee and already a beautiful aroma is coming off of the ground coffee. It is a rich and intense aroma that is a mix of fruit, floral notes (roses and blossom) and a soft earthy note. The brewing is done with 18 grams of coffee, an extraction time of 26 seconds and a beautiful output of 30ml exact. It took me a couple of tries to get the grind setting right. This coffee easily gets a little too citric when the settings are a bit off, but when you do get the settings right a beautiful brew awaits!

When I take a sip the the front of tongue is activated by the sweetness and the floral notes in the coffee. The blossom scent and flavour take hold of my mouth at the start of the sip and carry through my mouth all the way until I swallow the coffee. I also notice the acidity in this coffee: medium and bright citric. A soft citric sourness comes through and at that point the coffee really starts to develop. I get a fruitiness that makes me think of stone fruit, and a hint of coconut. These flavours get an additional surprise as I swallow the coffee. The flavour of pineapple comes forth at this time. There is also a soft hint of chocolate to the coffee that counterbalances the other notes. So there is a myriad of flavours that you can find at this point: Roses and blossom, stone fruit with soft coconut and stronger pineapple and a hint of chocolate. This particular aftertaste does not linger for a very long time but still long enough to crave another cup. Nice!


Out of the Grey – Kilimanjaro Peaberry: The Verdict

Out of the Grey roasted a very nice coffee here. The Kilimanjaro Peaberry is a very intense coffee that brings a lot into the cup. Fruity aroma’s and flavours such as stone fruit, coconut and pineapple are all there. The floral notes are that of roses and white blossom and remain on the palette throughout the sip. A chocolate note at the end gives the coffee a great counterbalance and really finishes it off.
The bright and citric acidity is not that high and makes this coffee drinkable throughout the day. Make sure to get your settings right, the citric aspect of the coffee seems to get the upper hand if it’s off. I would not make a latte based drink with this coffee simply because the flavours are just too great to get muffled by the flavour of milk.


Out of the Grey has advertisements on this website but this review is in no way influenced by Out of the Grey. The review is based on my own findings. For more information I would like to invite you to read the ‘Out of the Grey section‘ on this website for an explanation as to why I write the Out of the Grey reviews.

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