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Today I will review Beanbox; a coffee subscription company that delivers fresh coffee to your home address. Since I am running an advertisement of Beanbox on my website, I wanted to know more about it. This my review about the Beanbox and it’s contents

Review: Beanbox – Background information.

Beanbox Beanbox is a company based in Seattle, Washington in the United States of America. The company offers a subscription in which they deliver the best coffee from Seattle based roasters to your home address every month. The Beanbox I got delivered had four coffee samples inside:



– Herkimer Coffee – Drip Blend
– Middle Fork Roasters – Brazil Canaan Estate
– Lighthouse roasters – Roasters Choice
– Kuma Coffee – Colombia Lucitiana

The Beanbox that I got delivered to my home address had a nice packaging. The carton box is sturdy and inside the packages were wrapped in red paper. All of the came in the same sample bags with degassing valves, which is always nice. A little chocolate accompanied the coffees which was delicious.

Review: Beanbox – The coffees.

Beanbox Herkimer CoffeeHerkimer Coffee – Drip Blend

This coffee is a medium roast Honduras bean that offers delicious chocolate aromas while brewing.
As the coffee swirls through my mouth I feel the medium body and creamy texture develop. Although the chocolate and brown sugar are most obvious in the taste, the cherry sweetness and flavor are noticeable in the background as well. This is a very nice coffee.





Beanbox Kuma CoffeeKuma Coffee – Colombia Lucitania

This Colombian bean from the Narino area is a light roast and perfect on the Hario V60, Aeropress etcetera. When brewing this coffee the black tea notes come forth together with citric notes of orange. The coffee is well balanced with a light body and citric acidity. The most notable aspect of this coffee is the grapefruit mouthfeel in the middle and back section of your mouth when drinking. This is a perfect afternoon coffee with a biscuit.


Beanbox Lighthouse RoastersLighthouse Roasters – Roaster’s Choice

This blend is made from Ethiopia, Sumatran and Central American beans. This blend is supposed to be an omni-roast; suitable for espresso and drip alike. To me, however, this coffee was at its best on Espresso. Spices and dark chocolate come to mind when drinking this coffee. There was also a little sourness that pointed out the Etiopia beans inside this blend. Although not as outspoken as the previous coffees, the balanced flavors made this an easily drinkable coffee throughout the day.


Beanbox Middle Fork RoastersMiddle Fork Roasters – Brazil Canaan Estate

As expected with a Brazilian coffee, the Canaan Estate has some explicit nutty flavours accompanied with a dark chocolate that feels wonderful in bitterness. The sweetness that comes off of this coffee is just wonderful. Full bodied and sugar sweet, this was easily my favorite of the Beanbox. It did not come as a surprise to me that this coffee was a Cup Of Excellence contender.

Review: Beanbox – Verdict.

I have never had a subscription based box to review before and I can tell you that it did not let me down. Inside the Beanbox are four beautifully wrapped coffees that all came from the Seattle area. Three out of four coffees really made an impact on me, the other one was a nice all-day-every-day coffee. If only the packages were a little bigger. I had the 1.2oz sample packages (around 50 grams) but 12oz (340 grams) packages are also available.
If you are interested in trying the Beanbox (and live in the USA or Canada), click on the banner below:




On my website I have an advertisement of ‘Beanbox’ but I did not get paid to write this review. After discussing terms with ‘Beanbox’ we reached an agreement that the reviews would be written from an objective point of view. The opinion stated in this article is my own, ‘Beanbox’ had no influence on the contents of this article.

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