Amsterdam Coffee Festival 2018 feature

The Amsterdam Coffee Festival 2018

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The Amsterdam Coffee Festival is back for the fifth year in a row. The famous WesterGasfabriek in Amsterdam plays host to the biggest coffee festival in The Netherlands, hosting over more than 15.000 visitors in one weekend. Professionals, amateurs and coffee lovers alike will be visiting this festival to learn, explore, experience and above all: to enjoy coffee!

The Amsterdam Coffee Festival 2018: Friday

Amsterdam Coffee Festival 2018 1The Amsterdam Coffee Festival is back for its fifth anniversary this year, and it will be bigger and better than before. This year the festival will be holding no more than 4 coffee contests such as the Dutch Barista Championship and the Dutch Brewers Cup, but more on that later.

On Friday (during the professionals part of the festival) there will be The Coffee Summit. During this summit famous speakers will enlighten you with their knowledge about coffee, and open debates on coffee throughout the day. The debate panel will consist out of the following professionals: Jasper Overdevest, founder of Nordkapp Coffee, Thijs van Meurs, Head of Roasting/Brand quality manager of Bocca Coffee Roasters and Esther Maasdam, Coffee Connoisseur and Co-Owner of Manhattan Coffee Roasters. At around 17:00 the festival will open its doors to the public and everybody can start enjoying the festival to its fullest. The evening will be closed off with the Tia Maria Martini Espresso Launch Party. Enjoying the best cocktails while listening to the beats of The Highrolers and many more. The perfect way of getting that caffeine overdose out of your system!

The Amsterdam Coffee Festival 2018: Saturday and Sunday

Amsterdam Coffee Festival 2018 2On Saturday and Sunday the festival will open it’s doors again and this time everybody is welcome to roam throughout the venue. What is there to see and do? How about visiting The Lab; a place where you can enjoy workshops, do a coffee tasting and watch the pro’s do what they do best in extensive demonstrations. Aside from that you can also listen in on the professionals talking about coffee.



A SUSTAINABLE CUP OF COFFEE by the De Koffieschool.
Joost Leopold will be talking about the effects of the climate and sustainability on our coffee and visa versa.

Saturday and Sunday:

Amsterdam Coffee Festival 2018 Tia MariaCOFFEE COCKTAIL SECRETS by Tia Maria.
Do I need to say more? Rod Eslamieh will tell you all about coffee-cocktails and how they could boost your cafe sales or entertain your guests in new ways you never imagined.

HOW TO TASTE COFFEE LIKE A PRO by Patrick Groenewold, Single Estate Coffee Roasters.
Obviously I don’t need to attend to this one.(just kidding, I can learn tons from this guy!) Patrick Groenewold will be explaining how to taste coffee like a pro! You do not get that papaya flavour out of your coffee? You do not smell those blueberries on your Yirgacheffe? You will after this gentlemen is done talking.


My friend and Dutch Barista Champion 2017 (and 2018 finalist) Merijn Gijsbers will be telling about the myriad of possibilities that you can exploit with coffee and plant-based ingredients. Matcha, Chocolate, Chai, Almond, Coconut and many more products will be linked to coffee in this inspiring session.

98% of your coffee is water so the importance of water should not be overlooked. Attend this session to learn how water can make and break your coffee.

The Amsterdam Coffee Festival 2018: Contests.

Amsterdam Coffee Festival 2018 festival overviewCoffee Mixologists is back as well. An exciting competition with four knock-out rounds in which teams of one Barista and one Mixologist try to stun the jury with unique signature drinks and improvised drinks during the Mystery-box round. In the end there can be only one…one duo…who will take home a 1000,- euro prize, a trip to the London Coffee Festival and the title Coffee Mixologists.

Next up is the Dutch Latte Art Championship. In several knock-out rounds the contenders will compete in creating the most stunning Latte Art in the hopes of becoming the next Dutch Latte Art Champion.

So you are not into Latte Art? How about the Dutch Brewers Cup? The Top Baristas will try to convince the jury that their filter brew is the best The Netherlands has to offer. Brewing on the Hario V60, Chemex and Aeropress (amongst others) the competition will be tight.

How about The Dutch Cup Tasters Championship? This spectacle will challenge each of the 32 contestants to taste three cup of coffee. 2 are identical, one is different. Can they guess which one does not belong? This sounds easier than it actually is and in the past, a lot of famous Baristas did not reach the finals.

And then last but not least is the Dutch Barista Championship. In this competition the very best Dutch Baristas compete for the title of best Barista of The Netherlands and a chance to compete for the world title later this year in Amsterdam. Will they be able to give their best when the whole nation is watching?

The Amsterdam Coffee Festival 2018: Are you coming?

Amsterdam Coffee Festival 2018 Esther Maasdam

Did I already mention that there will be a street food market and you can visit a coffee art project? Now you can enjoy your food while admiring coffee art at the same time.
I guess there is no more reason not to visit this Festival, so here are the details:

The Amsterdam Coffee Festival 2018 will be starting on the 9th of March 2018 until the 11th of March.
The Venue is the WesterGasfabriek in Amsterdam.
Opening times:
Friday: 17:00 – 20:00 for the public (05 PM to 08 PM)
Saturday and Sunday: 10:00 – 20:00 (10 AM to 08 PM)
Tickets can be bought right here!

I hope to see you all there! Don’t be a stranger, come over and say hello if you see me walking around!

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