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Review: Naked Espresso – Yirgacheffe Dumerso

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Bean: Yirgacheffe Dumerso, Heirloom, Washed.
Shop: Naked Espresso, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Naked Espresso – Yirgacheffe Dumerso: Background information.

Naked Espresso Dumerso Washing StationWhen I visited Naked Espresso in the Warmoestraat in Amsterdam, I was greeted in a most welcome way by Jan en Vojta. The two Baristas made me feel right at home and even let me play with their Slayer machine. Before I left Jan gave me a bag of Naked Espresso Yirgacheffe Dumerso beans to review for Naked Espresso. Since the coffee was brand new, I didn’t get a lot of information on the coffee but I will tell you what I know. The Ethiopia Dumerso is a washed Heirloom variety.

This coffee is from the Dumerso Washing Station in the Gelana Abaya area, which is located in central southern Ethiopia’s Gediyo Zone and borders the Kochere Woreda and Guji Zone. About 800 small farmers contribute to this washing station.

Naked Espresso – Yirgacheffe Dumerso: Opening the package.

Naked Espresso Dumerso beansThe coffee came in a white/blue bag that didn’t depict Naked Espresso. Either way, the design is nice and most importantly; there is a degassing valve attached and a zip-lock. This always makes me happy! When I open the package a soft fruity scent comes forth from the bag. I can detect some cherry and some sweetness but definitely tea as well. The beans are perfect to chew on and the sourness is pleasant while eating. Honestly, you could also just eat the beans, that is how crunchy they are. Time to grind and brew! As I grind the beans the scent turns stronger and the fruit gets pushed aside a little by a stronger scent of tea.




Naked Espresso – Yirgacheffe Dumerso: The tasting.

Naked Espresso Yirgacheffe DumersoI will brew this coffee with my Hario V60 and once again on several methods. The most pleasing one was 24gr/390ml on a temperature of 90 degrees Celsius.
As I bloomed the coffee the scent that comes off is that of lavender and bergamot. The scent gradually changes over to a more cherry tea like scent mingled with a soft vanilla. It is pleasant and I hope to find these flavours in the coffee when I am done brewing.

As I take a sip of the coffee the first thing I notice is that the front of my mouth gets stimulated only by the acidity of the coffee. This is a nice citric acidity and it is pretty intense and high. The mouthfeel on this coffee is smooth and silky and complements the medium body of the brew perfectly.  As I swirl the coffee through my mouth and slurp oxygen inside, the coffee opens up and the cherry takes over. A soft vanilla joins in as I move the coffee further backwards. There is a typical washed flavour to the coffee and as I swallow I notice the smooth and silky mouthfeel fading away. The best part of this coffee is that after you swallow, the cherry gets touched by a hint of tropical passion fruit. This coffee keeps you busy while drinking and that is exactly what you’re looking for in a coffee.

Naked Espresso – Yirgacheffe Dumerso: The verdict.

Naked Espresso provided me with a great coffee. The floral notes and fruitiness of this coffee keeps you occupied and busy. The silky and smooth mouthfeel is pleasant and hits it off with the cherry and tea just fine. If you are in the neighbourhood of Naked Espresso, just drop in and ask for that pleasant Ethiopia Dumerso coffee!

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