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Best coffee shops in: Taipei

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In this article I will tell you all about the best coffee shops in Taipei. When I first visited Taipei, all my attention went towards The Lobby of Simple Kaffa, home of Berg Wu. Berg Wu just got crowned World Barista Champion 2016 so there had to be some kind of coffee scene on that beautiful island, right? Little did I know! Here is my list of best coffee shops I have visited in Taipei. I have written this list down in the order in which I visited the coffee shops.

The best coffee shops in Taipei: The Lobby of Simple Kaffa.

The lobby of simple kaffa chasing the championSimple Kaffa is home to 2016 world champion Berg Wu, and for that reason alone you should visit the place. The place is hard to find and always bustling with crowds, but the coffee and staff really make it worth your while. Inside you can check out the numerous prizes this coffee shop has won and enjoy their delicious desserts. But what about their coffee? I recommend their single origin pour over’s (Hario V60); their brewing method is unique and the flavours and aroma’s are just amazing.

Dunhua South Road 48
Section 1, Lane 177, Songshan District
Taipei, Taiwan


The best coffee shops in Taipei: Rufous Coffee

rufous coffee chasing the championRufous Coffee is located near the Taipei university of education and is considered among the top 3 shops in Taipei. When you enter this coffee shops, chances are that youll just stand and look at all the memorabilia ‘for a minute or two. Hey! Don’t stand gaping all day! Try to get a seat amongst the working students and treat yourself on some amazing coffee’s: an espresso brewed at two different temperatures, a hopped coffee (hop as in beer) or maybe the Rufous Blend that earned a staggering 92 points by the website ‘coffeereview’. In short, this is a place you definitely must have visited once when you’re in Taipei.

No. 339, Section 2, Fuxing South Road
Da’an District, Taipei City, Taiwan 106

The best coffee shops in Taipei: P.E.G. Coffee

Best coffee shops in taipei PEG coffeeEven though not everybody in Taipei has heard of P.E.G. Coffee, this still is one of my favourite shops in town. The place is a shrine to the One Piece anime series and, thankfully, the coffee is great as well. When you enter P.E.G. Coffee a barrage of colours, figurines and posters will make you think twice about whether or not this is a coffee shop. Thankfully the place is also littered with the all so familiar bags of coffee and a nice little counter where you can order your coffee. The owner hardly speaks English, but he sure knows the language of coffee very well. I recommend that you order one of his amazing cold brews.

No.309 Jiaxing Street
Xinyi District
Taipei, Taiwan

The best coffee shops in Taipei: Coffee Sweet

Best coffee shops in taipei Coffee SweetThis is my favourite coffee shop in Taipei, and a contender for my top 3 in the world. Coffee Sweet is a family business that buys and roasts it own coffee. This place is always crowded and often times customers are sent away because the place is full. But what can you expect when the menu always has a ninety plus coffee, several geisha coffee’s and yirgacheffe’s on it. And what if I told you that the menu changes every day?
Owner Sidney Kao is considered the Siphon Master in Taipei and seeing him brew your coffee is a treat by itself.
Ask Sidney for help when you’re at a loss because of the many great options to choose from. Sidney will always help out and guide you towards a beautiful cup of coffee.

No. 3, Alley 20, Lane 33, Section 1, Zhongshan North Road
Zhongshan District
Taipei City, Taiwan 10491

The best coffee shops in Taipei: Gabee Coffee

Best coffee shops in taipei GabeeGabee Coffee is hot in Taipei and you will notice that when you enter this coffee shop. Trendy hip youngsters sip their latte’s while the Baristas work their magic in a modern and arty environment. The coffees on the menu are top-notch and also the food is delicious. But before you order your drink, take a look around at all the memorabilia that are placed throughout Gabee. I recommend to see what the specialty coffee of the day is and let them surprise you!

No. 21, Lane 113, Section 3, Minsheng East Road
Songshan District
Taipei City, Taiwan 105

The best coffee shops in Taipei: Nido

Best coffee shops in taipei NidoAfter Coffee Sweet this is my favourite coffee shop in Taipei. Nido offers a place to really unwind and come to your senses after strolling through the bustling streets of Taipei. Tucked away on the first floor of some apartment building near the City Hall Station, Nido is hard to find but worth your while. When I tell you that you’re only allowed to whisper inside Nido and there is room for about 13 people only, you can imagine why this place is so special. Owner Bruce Yang created his own specialty blend that you simply must try, as well as his home-made desserts. Fun fact: Bruce Yang created his own dripping-station from LEGO constructions such as Ninjago LEGO and the London’s Tower Bridge.

No. 10, Alley 22, Lane 553, Section 4, Zhongxiao East Road
Xinyi District
Taipei, Taiwan

The best coffee shops in Taipei: Cama

Cama CafeCama is a chain of coffee shops that is located throughout the city of Taipei. Cama usually presents itself in small corner shops and hardly have any space to sit down. It is not that the coffee or the staff is of a super high standard, but the price/quality of the brews is just amazing. A Kenya AA for 1.50 Euro? I guess its possible after all. If you are looking for a quick and easy shot of caffeine, Cama isn’t a bad choice at all.

Adres: Everywhere. Don’t go look for it but when you bump into one, take a coffee!



The best coffee shops in Taipei: Seasons Coffee

Seasons CoffeeThis is a weird spot to write about. The thing is that this shop does not have an English name, and so this is as close as I get for a translation. The owner of Seasons is a famous tea leaf roaster in Taipei who dedicated himself to roasting coffee as well. Seasons has about 15 single orgin coffee’s on display and each and everyone is a piece of art. If you are looking for a high-end Oolong tea, this is your place as well. The owner does not speak English but the hospitality of the people there will make it worth your while. Just copy/paste the adres in google and you should be fine!

No. 71, Ren’ai Road, Yonghe District,
New Taipei City
Taiwan 23443

The best coffee shops in Taipei: Fung Da

Best coffee shops in Taipei Fung DaClose by the Chiang Kai Shek memorial you will find this next hotspot: Fung Da. Fung Da is a coffee shop that will let you experience how traditional coffee shops were back in the days. According to local Baristas, Fung Da is one of the most famous traditional coffee houses in the city and should definitely be visited from a culture point of view. I recommend drinking a Blue Mountain NO1 there while taking in the sights. Don’t forget to look up and see the beautiful panels depicting the coffee process from berry to cup. And if you want to buy some coffee equipment, they have plenty for sale.

No. 42, Chengdu Road, Wanhua District
Taipei City
Taiwan 108

The best coffee shops in Taipei: E61 Coffee Shop

Best coffee shops in taipei E61 CoffeeThis hotspot is nothing short of a hole in the wall. E61 Coffee Shop is located next to a small park and you can easily miss it if you don’t know what you are looking for. E61 Coffee Shop is run by a Chinese couple that do not speak English. Do not let that put you off because the magic this couple works on their machine is remarkable. The line of people waiting outside this little shop should be evidence enough for you if you are still hesitant. The owner has a saying: Mother nature gives us coffee, I am merely the hand that passes on it’s beauty. Send him a postcard from wherever you are from, his wall is covered with cards from all over the world. I recommend that you ask a local to ask him to surprise you with one of his signature drinks! A small PS: E61 roasts it’s own coffee a little darker than the rest of the city does, but it’s great!

No. 200, Anle Road, Yonghe District
New Taipei City
Taiwan 234

The best coffee shops in Taipei: Cafe Est

Best coffee shops in taipei Cafe EstWhen I first walked in Cafe Est I did not know what to expect. Here was this clean, modern and quiet place with a few customers drinking their coffee. That moment passed pretty quick when I started talking to Ricky and Ken. Both Owner and Barista know a lot about coffee and roast their own beans as well. Soon I got presented with a beautiful brewed pour over, a juicy espresso and a well crafted Cappuccino. I recommend you take along a bag of their house blend: Yirgacheffe, Colombia and Costa Rica that have some interesting surprises for you. Cafe Est and E61 Coffee Shop are close to each other so I recommend visiting them both to experience the difference.

No. 106-1, Dehe Road, Yonghe District
New Taipei City
Taiwan 23153

The best coffee shops in Taipei: Yaboo Cafe

Best coffee shops in Taipei YabooYaboo Cafe is yet another great coffee hotspot. With it’s livingroom-like interior this place is really nice to sit back and relax. The two house cats often pass by in the hopes of a little scratch behind the ears. The Baristas are always in for a chat and the crowd is mingled: families, students and coffee enthusiasts all know where to find Yaboo. Ask for the Single Origin menu and order a sweet Kenya coffee brewed on the Kalita. While you are at it, take a look at the menu and order something nice to eat. You will feel right at home.

No. 26, Lane 41, Yongkang Street, Da’an District
Taipei City
Taiwan 106

The best coffee shops in Taipei: Milkglider Latte artist Unity

Best coffee shops in Taipei Milkglider Latte Artist UnityLast but not least on this list is the Milkglider Latte artist Unity. This coffee shop is close by Gabee and shouldn’t be skipped. If you are looking for a mean Cappuccino, flat white, Macchiato or any other milk based drink, this is your place. The Baristas all know how to do latte art and the prizes this place has won over the years is evidence for that. The place is always bustling with families and locals but there are plenty of places to sit down. This place also offers latte art workshops, so if you are in need of some education you could always check it out. I recommend anything that involves Latte Art.

No. 36, Alley 19, Lane 160, Section 3, Minquan East Road
Songshan District
Taipei City
Taiwan 105


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