Best coffee shops in New York Times Square

Best Coffee Shops in New York

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The hectic life in ‘The Big Apple’ can be overwhelming at times and a nice cup of coffee can help you unwind. But where do you find the best coffee shops in New York to do just that? Read on and find out!

I will make this an ongoing article that I will keep updating after every visit to New York. Why? Because this city is swamped with amazing coffee shops. So here is the list of best coffee shops in New York. Lets start with Coffee Project New York.

Best coffee shops in New York: Coffee Project New York

Best coffee shops in New york Coffee Project New York

239 E 5th Street
NY 10003
East Village, New York, United States

Located in East Village is a small coffee shop that has become pretty famous over a short period of time: Coffee Project New York. Coffee Project New York is founded by Chi Sum Ngai and Kaleena Teoh, a couple that opened this shop in 2015 and have made quite a name for themselves in The Big Apple. In the New York coffee scene, Coffee Project New York is famous for it’s Deconstructed Latte; a project that holds a shot of espresso, steamed milk and a latte in three separate glasses. Thinking outside of the box is exactly what Chi and Kaleena had in mind when opening this place.
But this place is not just about the Deconstructed Latte, it is about much more than that. Chi and Kaleena help the art community of 5th street by hanging their art in their coffee shop. Not only does it cheer up the place, it also gives the local artists a chance to get noticed by audience that otherwise would never see their work. I have to say that some pieces of art are just wonderful to look at!

Best coffee shops in New york Coffee Project New York 2The menu of Coffee Project New York somewhat changes every two weeks since the owners want to present new flavours and aromas to their customers on a regular basis. If you are not sure what you should order, just ask the Baristas. They will know everything there is to know about the beans that are on sale and aren’t shy of a chat either. The place is popular so don’t be surprised to find the place packed.

The next coffee shop in this list is Hi-Collar; a little piece of Japan in the city that never sleeps.



Best coffee shops in New York: Hi-Collar

Best coffee shops in New york High-Collar
214 E 10th Street
NY 10003
East Village, New York, United States

Stepping into Hi-Collar is like stepping through Narnia’s wardrobe. But instead of encountering talking lions, you will enter a Kissaten-style shop where Japanese traditions mingle with the western culture. During the day, Hi-Collar serves beautiful single origin coffees by Siphon, Aeropress and pour over methods. I recommend trying the ‘Mizudashi’ iced coffee. The menu will tell you all you need to know about the coffees they are serving, but you can always chat with the Baristas behind the counter as well. The meals on the menu are local Japanese bites which (just as your coffee) are prepared with the utmost care and precision that you will only find in Japan itself. Try the pork Katzu Sandwich or the Tamago Sandwich when you’re feeling hungry. Aside from the meals being Japanese, the complete staff is Japanese as well. Communicating with each other in their native language easily makes you forget that you’re in New York.

Best coffee shops in New york High-Collar 2By night Hi-Collar shows another side of itself; the place turns into a full-blown Japanese Sake-bar serving the most elegant and exclusive Sake. Make sure to bring your wallet though, quality doesn’t come cheap when it comes to Sake.
Don’t forget to say “Okini” when you leave to get a big smile from the staff!


Best Coffee Shops in New York: Everyman Espresso

Best coffee shops in New york Everyman Espresso

301 W Broadway
NY 10013
New York, United States

Everyman Espresso is almost as famous as coffee shops in New York can be. Orignially founded by world famous Barista Sam Penix, Everyman Espresso has opened three store fronts in New York and all of them are being operated by high level Baristas. Everyman Espresso has won several Barista Championship prizes in the past, creating expectations that are easily lived up to each and every time. When stepping inside any of the shops you will find the place bustling and often you will need to wait in line for your coffee. Thankfully it is all worth it when you drink a perfectly brewed single origin coffee or a tasteful latte with beautiful latte-art on top. I think you could already guess that if you want some information about the coffee that you’re drinking, you can always ask the Barista. I recommend going to the Broadway location since it has the best looking interior.

Best Coffee Shops in New York: Cafe Grumpy

Best coffee shops in New york Cafe Grumpy

224 W 20th Street
NY 10011
Chelsea, New York, United States

If Everyman Espresso sounded familiar to you, Cafe Grumpy should as well. Opened in 2005 by owners Chris Timbrell and Caroline Bell, the place was only known by local Baristas in Brooklyn. What started as a small corner-shop has grown into a famous specialty coffee brand that buys and roasts its own coffee. Having expanded to 9 different store locations, you will always be able to find a Cafe Grumpy when you’re in New York. The location I visited was the shop in Chelsea and I wasn’t disappointed at all. The outside looks welcoming and friendly and inside the place just breathes coffee. The counter is packed with grinders and machines, Baristas work their magic non-stop and if you are lucky you will be able to watch all that from one of the few seats inside. I recommend trying their house-blend. It is not as special as a Geisha or anything, but it just tastes delicious.

So far these are the coffee shops I have visited in New York that are worth mentioning. Since I only have a couple of hours on each trip, the progress of this list will come slowly but keep checking up to see if new additions have been added.

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