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Review: Henry’s coffee – Limited Edition Brazil

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Bean: Yellow Catuai, fully washed, Chapada de Minas, Brazil.
Shop: Henry’s Coffee, webshop

Henry’s Coffee – Limited Edition Brazil: Background information.

Henrys Coffee Fazenda PrimaveraThis limited edition coffee from Henry’s Coffee comes from the Fazenda Primavera farm in Mina Gerais, Brazil. This farm is owned by farmer Ricardo Tavares. The farm is located at an altitude of 1000 meters and has a very favourable climate. With an average temperature of 22 degrees, and an annual rainfall of about 1300mm, Fazenda Primavera has produced some great coffee’s in the past. The farm has all the machines to process the yellow and red Catuai varieties that it produces, including 14 electronic drying machines and equipment that ensures a fully washed process.


Henry’s Coffee – Limited Edition Brazil: Opening the package.

Henrys Coffee packageI open the package and sniff the first aroma’s that come out of the package. The aroma is clear and strong: cookies and a sweetness that makes me think of honey. The scent doesn’t hold any other aspects that I get recognize and so I go on to tasting one of the beans. The beans are crunchy and give off a earthy and slightly bitter taste. I did notice a few ‘shells'(hollow beans) in the batch, but fortunately there aren’t too many of those.
I put the beans in the grinder and start grinding 20 grams of coffee. The grinder starts and the heavy scent from the ground coffee fills my nostrils. This time the aroma’s make me think of spices, honey and a hint of ashes. Let’s brew!

Henry’s Coffee – Limited Edition Brazil: The tasting.

Henrys Coffee beans coffeeThe machine starts brewing and a brown marble syrup flows into the cup. The medium dark crema sits nicely on the coffee and the aroma’s of the brew aren’t that different from the ground coffee. I stop the espresso nicely on 30ml and take a sip. As I slurp in the oxygen and swirl the coffee in my mouth, I notice that almost all of the magic happens in the back of my mouth. The citric acidity activates the tip of my tongue but that’s it. The coffee then starts working my taste buds on the middle and back of my tongue. A mix of spices such as allspice and cloves mingle with the flavour of toast and weat. On top of that I clearly get a touch of Pecan as well. The aftertaste is nice and develops into a sweet soft honey that lingers for a long time. The medium body of this coffee feels creamy and is complemented by a thick crema.

Henry’s Coffee – Limited Edition Brazil: The verdict.

Henrys Coffee espressoThis limited edition Brazil by Henry’s Coffee is a nice coffee. The aroma’s and flavours are heavy and outspoken. I liked the way the coffee changed in the aftertaste from and spiced and toast-like coffee into a honey sweet coffee. This coffee worked perfectly well in a cappuccino and a flat white. I think this Limited Edition Brazil is a prefect coffee to wake up with in the morning on a winters day. I did encounter some ‘shells’ (hollow beans) in the package but Henry’s Coffee assured me that it was just a coincidence. So if you are looking for a medium bodied coffee with outspoken flavours of spices, pecan and toast I would surely point you towards this one.

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