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Review: Caffenation Kenya Ken

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Bean: Kenya Nyeri Ndima-ini Peaberry.

Caffenation Kenya Ken: Background information:

caffenation Kenya Ken logoCaffenation bought this Kenya Nyeri Ndima-ini Peaberry by auction and was the lucky one to land this lot and thus create Caffenation Kenya Ken. The peaberry (known for its amazing flavours) consists out of the SL28 and SL34 varieties and all are screen 15.
The peaberry is a little different from your normal coffee bean. Normally a berry contains two beans, giving the bean its distinct form. In about 5% of the berries you will find just one bean: the peaberry. Because this single bean soaks up all of the nutrients, instead of sharing it with it sibling, it makes for an amazing cup of coffee. And that go’s for the Kenya Ken as well.




Caffenation Kenya Ken: Opening the package.

Just as with the Caffenation Mister LGB , the package is brightly coloured and has the playful font on the package. When opening the package there is a distinct fruity and sweet flavour coming out. A hint of black tea can be found as well. I try a bean and I am surprised as to how tasty this little fellow is. You notice how the fruitiness and sourness appear which would indicate a fruity coffee. Let’s find out if that is the case.
It is time to grind the coffee. It is remarkable how strong the scent is that comes off of the ground coffee. It is similar to the scent inside the package, but the scent of tea is added now.

Caffenation Kenya Ken: The Tasting.

caffenation Kenya Ken brewWhere I used a higher dosage of coffee for brewing the Mister LGB coffee of Caffenation, I prefer using the 15/220 ratio for the Kenya Ken since it brings out the fruitiness even more. Moreover I find that brewing this coffee at 90 degrees is preferable to a higher range between 92 and 96 degrees. While blooming the coffee, a clear sugary scent emanates from the grounds. After the second pour the scent changes and becomes more of a tropical fruit and a hint of caramel sweetness. After a nice 2:08 seconds I have finished my brew and it looks just great; a clear light brew with nice aroma’s coming off. Time to taste!





Caffenation Kenya Ken: The Tasting part 2

Guatemala Finca Rosma Single Estate Coffee filterI swirl the coffee in my cup before taking a sip. The body is super light and the mouthfeel is somewhat velvety making it a joy to swirl round in my mouth. As always I want to activate the coffee a little more and slurp oxygen through the coffee. (it might look weird when doing it but believe me when I tell you that it will open up your coffee even more.) This coffee is awesome; tropical fruit like pineapple and also hints of stone-fruit come forth while swirling the coffee through my mouth. The Caffenation Kenya Ken is complex but at the same time will give away it’s secrets so easily. The aftertaste becomes sweet and feels really good on the fruity, citric acidity. Just keep this coffee inside your mouth and experience what your senses pass on.

Caffenation Kenya Ken: The Verdict.

At this point of the review I am really disappointed. Disappointed that I finished all of this coffee. Caffenation did a great job on this Kenyan peaberry. The beans were roasted to perfection and all the flavours were coming out during the tasting, making the most out of this complex coffee. I have brewed this coffee on the Hario V60, imagine what this coffee would do on a Syphon and for example Aeropress. In my honest opinion this is one of the better filter coffee’s that I have reviewed. The fact that the beans are peaberry beans does make it more obvious, but still. Great job Caffenation!

Caffenation ships throughout Europe and has a subscription plan for those who don’t want to miss out on any of their coffees.

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