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Review: Caffenation Coffee – Mister LGB

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Bean: 75% Sidamo Guji, Kenya and 25% Red de Mujeres, Huehuetenango, Guatemala.

Mister LGB: Background information:

Caffenation Mister LGB In this review I will tell you about my findings on Mister LGB from Caffenation Specialty Coffee Roasters from Belgium. This coffee is made out of 75% Sidamo Guji grade 1 and 25% Red de Mujeres. The Red de Mujeres comes from a women-only cooperation in San Antonio Huista, Guatemala. Nice to know is that these beans have been left on the tree’s a little longer than normal, giving the coffee an extra sweet quality.
Then the Sidamo Guji grade 1. They’re several great coffee’s coming from Kenya such as the Chelelectu and of course the Sidamo. Although many people still see Guji coffee as part of the Sidamo region, more and more people insist that Guji is a region on it’s own. Either way I am happy to see this coffee in this blend! This Sidamo Guji is roasted in such a way that it is suitable for both espresso and filter. I got this package from my brother who bought it at Livingstone Coffee in Amersfoort, The Netherlands. Enough chatter, lets review!


Caffenation Coffee: Mister LGB – opening the package

Caffenation Mister LGB packageCaffenation did a great job in being different when it comes to their packaging and naming their coffee. LGB stands for Little Green Bag and is shipped in a bright green package. The beautiful playful font on the package really makes it stand out. I fold open de the package and immediately get hit by a sweetness and fruity scent. Blueberry and even a hint of plum. I take a bean of each coffee and where one reveals the fruitiness and is a bit sour, the other tastes a little stronger and has a bit of sweetness to it. I quickly set my grinder to filter and start grinding the coffee. The scent coming of the ground is strong and fresh. There is a clear scent of caramel and blueberry when I inhale slowly. Let’s brew!




Caffenation Coffee: Mister LGB – The tasting.

Caffenation Mister LGB brewI used several methods with this coffee. Eventually I decided to review the 17gr/260ml pour over with the Hario V60. I started the brewing with a 50 grams pour and bloomed the coffee for 30 seconds. A strong lavender and blueberry scent hits my nose and I see the coffee react to the blooming process nicely. After 30 seconds I pour in a continuous pour till I reach 120 grams and already the scent is changing. The lavender and blueberry are now accompanied with the scent of a soft caramel. The combination starts to make my mouth water already. I do a dripping slow continuous pour till I reach 220 and wait for another 10 seconds. Finishing the coffee off with the remaining 40 grams of water. the scent of the LGB fills the room by now. Even my wife tells me it smells lovely…and she doesn’t like coffee at all!



Caffenation Coffee: Mister LGB – The tasting part 2

Caffenation Mister LGB brew 2I swirl the coffee in my glass and look at the brew; It’s clear and light. I sniff the glass and can’t help but to be impressed by what I smell. It is a superb combination of blueberry with a after smell of caramel. I take a sip and slurp oxygen in while swirling the coffee round in my mouth. Blue berry and a bright acidity caress the tip of my tongue. As I let the coffee go through my mouth I notice a different sensation come up; the caramel, and the sugary sweetness that often accompanies it, appear on my tongue. Wow, what a complex blend! As I swallow the coffee the caramel takes over and I also notice a soft but pleasant bitterness on the back of my tongue. The velvety light body feels just amazing. The aftertaste is something that often fades quickly with filter coffee, but with the LGB, the caramel lingers for quite some time.

As an espresso this coffee did an excellent job as well. The flavours remained the same although there was a little sourness added to the espresso but also intensified the sweetness. I recommend upping the dosage of coffee to a full 20 grams of coffee.

Caffenation Coffee: Mister LGB – The verdict.

Caffenation did an excellent job with the Mister LGB. The blend turned out to be majestic (it is the first time I have used this word I think!) The transition of blueberry to caramel is perfect and will leave you stunned for a moment. The fun thing about this coffee is that it leaves enough room for you to play around. Lowering the dosage will give you more fruitiness and less caramel. Brew an espresso with the Mister LGB as you will not be disappointed.
Want to start 2018 with a great filter coffee? Try this Mister LGB!

Caffenation ships throughout Europe and has a subscription option as well.

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