Finca El Jardin Pedro Nel Truijo Azahar

Review: Finca El Jardin, Azahar Coffee

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Bean: caturra yellow, tabi, colombia yellow
Shop: Azahar, Bogota, Colombia

Finca El Jardin: background information:

Finca El Jardin Caturra Tabi Pedro El NelFinca el Jardin is owned by Pedro Nel Trujillo, an environmentally responsible coffee farmer in the Huilo district of Colombia. On his 36-hectare farm, Pedro cultivates twenty-eight thousand tree’s of Caturra, three thousand tree’s of Tabi, thirty thousand tree’s of Castillo and nineteen thousand tree’s of the Colombia. The coffee is grown at an altitude of 1760 meters and uses up to 70% of the farm. The other thirty percent is dedicated to growing fruits and vegetables that the family consumes themselves. Finca El Jardin became world famous in the year 2015 when the New Zealand Barista Addison Dale became world champion, using coffee from this farm. Today I am reviewing Azahar’s roast of Finca El Jardin

Finca el Jardin: opening the package.

Finca el Jardin Pedro Nel Truijo beansWhen I open the colourful package of the coffee and inhale, a sweet but soft scent comes forth from inside. A tea-like fragrance also appears when oxygen mingles with the scent. The first downside I notice is that the package is hardly re-closable. The strip doesn’t function properly and that is kind of a thing when you want to store your coffee. The beans look great; evenly roasted and sits in the medium/light profile. I start grinding the coffee so I can start brewing with the Hario V60

As I am grinding the coffee a smile appears on my face: the aromas come off strongly and I detect a hint of vanilla in addition to the sweetness and tea. Time to brew.

Finca el Jardin: The brewing

Finca el Jardin Pedro Nel Truijo brewI am reviewing the method of 16g/240ml with a time of exactly 2:00 minutes. When I bloom the coffee (50 grams for 35 seconds) the scent is pungent but fresh. As the brewing continues (up to 120g) the aroma’s become clear and I smell a wonderful vanilla scent mixed in with melted butter. The vanilla seems to get stronger as I move away from the brew with my nose. I pour three more times (40g each) and finish the brew at 2:00 flat. The scent is good, the brew nice and clean and I am ready to start tasting!

Finca el Jardin: The tasting

Finca el Jardin Pedro Nel Truijo reviewThe brew I have is a nice clear brew and I swirl the coffee in the cup. The aroma of vanilla is strong and along the tasting it gets sweeter. I take a sip and swirl it through my mouth. A melon flavour appears with a citric acidity topped off with a hint of green tea. The freshness of this brew is nice. The brew cools off a little more and once again I take a sip. Slurping oxygen and swirling it through my mouth makes the melon and green tea soften just a little. Vanilla is appearing on the pallet now but also a little sourness on the sides of my tongue. This defines the citric aspects of this coffee even more. As I swallow and breathe back through a closed mouth, the vanilla arises once more. Normally the green tea isn’t my kind cup tea (pun intended) but in this case it kind of grows on me. The acidity is so balanced and makes the coffee enjoyable with its light body and soft mouthfeel. The aftertaste is gone quite fast, but that’s to be expected with a Hario V60 brew.

Finca el Jardin: The verdict:

Azahar roasted this Finca El Jardin in a splendid way. The coffee is balanced and the experience of the coffee is rounded. The acidity, mouthfeel and body comeplement the flavours of vanilla, green tea and melon. The melted butter on the nose is also a pleasant surprise. This coffee is a coffee that you could drink all day long because the flavours are not that outspoken. Check out their website if you want to know more.

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