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Review: El Triunfo, ČRNO ZRNO

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Bean: El Triunfo, Caturra-Colombia F6.
Shop: ČRNO ZRNO, Ljubljana, Slovenia.

El Triunfo: Background information

In this review I will tell you about the El Triunfo coffee of ČRNO ZRNO. The El Triunfo is a blend of Caturra and Colombia F6 beans. El Triunfo is grown at an altitude of 1750 meters in the Huila region of Colombia on a farm of only 2 acres big. The interesting thing about this farm is that it is run by a woman called Liliana Ortiz Zuñiga. The reason why I mention this, is because in the coffee-cultivation industry this is not so common. ČRNO ZRNO commemorates Liliana Ortiz Zuñiga by colouring their wrapping in pink. The roast I received from ČRNO ZRNO is a filter-roast and I am very excited to see what I can get out of this coffee.


El Triunfo: Opening the package.

El triunfo filter set-up 2First of all I would like to compliment ČRNO ZRNO for the wrapping. The pink colour and white storks give this coffee a happy appearance. Of course the information on the wrapping is in Slovenian, but I do hope that will change into English when they start shipping abroad.

When opening the package there is a soft scent coming forth. Not only can I smell the typical nutty/chocolate scent of the Colombian beans, but far off there is also a hint of flowery freshness. You can see this is a blend because of the difference in size and colour of the beans. It’s time to grind the coffee and see what scents it hold for us.

When I smell the coffee after grinding, I notice a clear change from when opening the package. The scent is that of roses, pot-pourri and sugared tea. Especially the fragrance of roses excites me a lot. Let’s brew!

El Triunfo: Explaining the tasting

El Triunfo brewI have to say that this coffee was a hard nut for me to crack. I have used several methods, each giving me different results. With larger dosages I noticed that the flowery and sweet aroma’s and flavours were pushed aside by the sweet caramel notes. My personal preference went out to the methods with lower dosages of coffee. The following tasting-notes come from a 15/220 dosage. Starting with a 50 grams/30 seconds blooming. After that I poured up to 120 grams in 15 seconds. From there I maintained the level of water by pouring 20 grams each time, closing off with the final 40 grams at once.

The scent coming from this brew is very nice. From a far you can already smell the fragrance of roses, tea leaves and bergamot. When you dive in to inhale the scent the pot-pourri and hints of lavender can be found, as well as a soft honey-like sweetness. When the coffee was just off the brew, a hint of green pea’s came across as well, if only briefly.

When sipping the brew I immediately notice the mouthfeel of this coffee. A juicy clear mouthfeel is apparent and nicely fits in with the light body of the coffee. The acidity is described as medium-high and has a citric feel to it. The combination of sweetness and subtle touch of sourness on the sides of my tongue makes it complete. The flavours of this brew reminds me of maple honey and nice floral notes, but in the background the hint of soft caramel sweetness is still there. Perfectly balanced in my opinion!


El Triunfo: Verdict

El triunfo filter set-upEl Triunfo is just great. The blend of Caturra and Colombian F6 let’s you tweak this coffee to your own liking. To me it was looking for that nice floral sweet-spot, where the caramel sweetness still complemented the flavours of roses, bergamot and that tiny hint of lavender. Just as with the El Aguacate, ČRNO ZRNO did an excellent job here. However, it is not just ČRNO ZRNO that deserves credit, also the Stow Specialty Coffee Roastery in Slovenia deserves some praise in this review.

ČRNO ZRNO are working on a webshop as we speak, so ordering from abroad is not yet possible. ČRNO ZRNO told me they would keep in touch and tell me when the webshop will be up and running, and also if they will do international shipping of their coffee’s.

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