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Review: Don Victor – Cafecito Central

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Bean: Don Victor, Caturra 66%/Lempira 34%, Honduras.
Shop: Cafecito Central, The Netherlands

Don Victor: background information

In this review I will tell you about the Don Victor coffee from Cafecito Central in The Netherlands. This is the first time I am reviewing a coffee from Honduras, so I am very excited to write it down for you. The Don Victor coffee is a blend of 66% Caturra and 34% Lempira and grows at an altitude of 1400 meters in Siguatepeque in Honduras. Because the farm hosts a lot of orange-trees, mahogany-trees and cedar-trees, the plants grow in the shadow (max 40%) resulting in beautifull flavours and aroma’s. Some of the flavours of the tree’s really come back in the coffee as you will read below. The Don Victor coffee was harvested and prepared through the washed process on the farm itself. This way, Don Victor Aguirre (the owner) can carefully monitor the process and maintain the quality of the coffee. The exact process times are not clear but the berries are first pre-dried in the sun. After this, the berries go inside special tunnels to finish the drying process.

Cafecito Central Don Victor Finca Cerro Azul

Don Victor: Opening the package

When I open the package a soft caramel and chocolate scent flows into my nose. I quickly pick out two beans and taste them separately. I would like to remind you that eating a bean is not mandatory for a review. In one bean I get a clear taste of licorice and fruitiness, the bigger bean hosts a grain, nutty and green bell pepper (paprika) taste. Lovely! Lets see how this blend holds up when I brew coffee from it. Looking at the blend, Caturra/Lempira, I decide to start off with 18 grams of coffee. The scent that erupts from the coffee-ground is that of chocolate and caramel combined with hard candy and brown sugar. The smell is sweet and also a soft hint of citrus can be noticed.

Cafecito Central Don Victor inside

Don Victor: The tasting

I started the tasting with 18 grams as I was expecting the coffee to be at its best. The scent that came of the brew equalled that of the ground. Added to this scent was the soft whiff of honey sweetness. When I drink the coffee I notice the full body of the coffee. A smooth and milky sensation starts to grow in the back of my mouth as I let the coffee swirl. The sweetness is something that stands out and empowering the chocolate and caramel tastes of the coffee. But something is a little off. there is a hint of fruitiness that doesn’t fully come out yet, and I think I need to use less coffee.

Cafecito Central Don Victor package 2

Don Victor: The tasting part 2

When I put in 17 grams of coffee in the portafilter, a significant change occurs. I bring down the dosage to 16 grams, and know that the guess was right. The brew smells like orange, chocolate and caramel. A balanced scent that really pleases the nose. I haven’t smelled this since reviewing my all-time favourite: the Pasñapacana.
When I sip the coffee I notice the orange flavour and aroma’s really coming through. The chocolate, caramel and honey are also there, making this a very balanced and easy to drink coffee. I think I like this coffee better with a lower dosage. The medium but bright acidity is lovely and the little touch of sourness on the edges of my tongue doesn’t intrude at all. The aftertaste is medium to long.

Cafecito Central Don Victor tunnel

The latte-based drinks are a bit more difficult with this coffee. When using a lower dosage the coffee doesn’t come out all that great. I think it has to do with the orange flavour that doesn’t go well with milk. When I used 18 grams and even 18.3 grams, I noticed it became much better in the taste. This is something to take into account when making a flat white or cappuccino.

Don Victor: The verdict

Cafecito Central has struck gold with this bean when it comes to overall quality. The roasting is perfect and the blend is also very nice. The flavours and aroma’s are all spot on, creating a smooth and easy-to-drink coffee. Don Victor is not a coffee that should be categorized as a ‘special’ coffee to be brewed only on occasion. The Don Victor has a very balanced profile making this an all-day-every-day coffee. This is a compliment since, in my honest opinion, a lot of coffee’s can’t handle that label. The only downside is that you should pay attention when preparing a latte-based drink with this bean because of the orange-flavour. I think this is a coffee you should really try!

Cafecito Central Don Victor famr 2

I talked to Cafecito Central and wondered if they sell only in The Netherlands, or that they ship abroad. This is because I get a lot of questions about it from visitors of the coffee attendant website. Cafecito Central has told me they ship in the European Union. If you’re interested you can click here for their website.


  1. Love reading your blogs, in for a coffee date or a bit more? 😘
    X, Victor

    1. Author

      Hey Victor,
      It’s nice to read that you’re enjoying my blog. I do have to decline your offer for a coffee-date or more. But thanks for the invite anyway. Cheers!

  2. Nice to read that the aroma’s are spot on! To me it means that the roast is spot on!

    1. Author

      I guess I should have mentioned that the ‘pun’ was intended haha. Well roasted, sir, well roasted!

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