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Review: The Blend – Giraffe Coffee

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Beans: The Blend, 75% Brazil yellow bourbon, 25% Ethiopian mixed Heirloom
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Today I am reviewing The Blend of Giraffe Coffee Roasters. The Blend consists out of two beans: a Brazilian Yellow Bourbon (75%) and Ethiopian Mixed Heirloom (25%) and is 100% Arabica. The nice thing about this blend is that both beans are from totally different country’s and so it ‘s nice to see how well they mix. The Brazilian yellow Bourbon is actually a variety of the Heirloom Arabica plant,  Giraffe Coffee didn’t stray too far from the roots. Since the Ethiopian mixed Heirloom has over a thousand varieties in Ethiopia alone, it is impossible to know what specific origin or farm this coffee has.

the blend Giraffe Coffee Roasters package back

Giraffe Coffee, The Blend: Opening the package

The roasting date of this coffee is the 28th of august and so I am right on schedule with this review. As I open up the package the scent is strong and robust. I smell a sweetness and nutty scent combined with caramel. I even noted a cherry-like scent but that was only twice after opening the package. The impact of the 75% Brazilian yellow Bourbon is noticeable and that’s just fine. I don’t waste any time and start grinding the beans to get my usual 18 grams of coffee. I start inhaling the freshly ground beans and this time recognize a sweet brown sugary scent, caramel and roasted nuts. A hint of toast is definitely there as well.

the blend Giraffe Coffee Roasters package front

Giraffe Coffee, The Blend: The Tasting

Time to brew! I start brewing the coffee and a nice mix of dark brown and beige crema appears on the coffee. The scent of the coffee has a clear freshness to it, citrus sweet and nutty with a hint of toast. When I take my first sip I slurp in some oxygen to get the aroma’s active. I swirl the coffee inside my mouth and immediately this coffee reveals itself. The body is full and the mouthfeel is like milk, maybe even a little buttery when swallowing it.
The aroma’s I detect are caramel, chocolate and light roasted nuts. All these aroma’s are accompanied by a rich sweetness and nice hint of sourness when swallowed. I notice a medium to high acidity in this coffee blend. The aftertaste lingers in your mouth and stays sweet with a hint of sourness which is kinda nice.

the blend Giraffe Coffee Roasters espresso

Giraffe Coffee, The Blend: The Verdict

Giraffe Coffee did a good job on The Blend. The mix of Brazilian yellow Bourbon and Ethiopian mixed Heirloom worked out fine. While The Blend isn’t for pour-over, I do recommend you to try it in a Cappuccino or latte-based drink. I especially loved the mouthfeel of this coffee; milky and even buttery accompanied by the full body and chocolate, caramel and nutty flavours. The citrus-like sweetness is there, but not overly apparent. I also brewed this coffee with 16 grams, but that wasn’t a big success flavour-wise. Just stick to the 18 grams/30 ml shots with this one.

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