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Review: Geisha Specialty Blend

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Bean: Papua New Guinea, Guatemala and Brazil
Shop: Geisha Specialty Coffee, Singapore

Geisha Specialty Blend: Background information

When I visited Geisha Specialty Coffee owner Wang Tao gave me a package of Geisha Specialty Blend espresso. The taste surprised me and I really wanted to review this blend for the website. Since Wang Tao does not speak a lot of English I contacted his wife for more information. I learned that the three beans that are in the blend are from Brazil, Papua New Guinea and Guatemala. Tao Wang himself buys the beans at the auction and also roasts them himself, so he is in total control when it comes to the quality. It’s always hard to make a good blend, so I am curious as to what it tastes like at home!

Geisha Coffee Singapore

Geisha Specialty Blend: Opening the package

When I opened up the package the scent that came out was strong yet mild. It made me think of vanilla and chocolate. The beans all looked of similar size and you could see its a medium roast. Looking at the type of beans that are used, I think the medium roast is probably the best choice.
When I started grinding the coffee the scent became more earthy, yet the softer earlier tones also appear in the background. It is kind of exciting to see what comes out; I already tasted the coffee in Singapore so it’s potential isn’t a secret for me.

Geisha Specialty Blend: The tasting

At first the grind settings on my grinder are way off. I had to adjust it twice before I got it just right. On the third try I could see the brown gold sludge out of my portafilter; just the way it’s supposed to! The room filled itself with the scent of fresh coffee. I stopped the coffee at 27 seconds with 18 grams of coffee; perfectly fine!
When I take the first sip I feel the crema mingle with the coffee. The result is a velvety mouthfeel with low acidity. The balance of this coffee is amazing; at first the flavours of nuts and a sweet caramel enter my mouth. I could even detect a hint of currant in the coffee, but it was faint. A hint of toasted bread comes next and then, as a finishing touch, I notice the sweet aftertaste that lingers. Everything, however, is in harmony with each other

Geisha Specialty Blend: The verdict

Maybe I was a bit prejudiced when I did this review, after all I already tasted the coffee in Singapore and knew it was a great blend. As far as reviews go, you never know what might pop up when you drink the coffee at home. You all have had that fantastic wine while on a vacation, and when you got home that amazing taste was gone. With the Geisha Specialty Blend that is not the case. The beans were fresh, the types of beans well chosen and the end result was great!
Not one of the flavours overwhelmed the other, everything was in perfect balance. The velvety mouthfeel, low acidity and nutty/caramel/chocolate/toast flavours made this an easy-to-drink blend. As a matter of fact; I drank the whole package (220 grams) in just two days. This must have taken quite some effort to get this Geisha Specialty Blend like it is.
My compliments to Tao Wang for creating this blend! I will be sure to get another package when I am back in Singapore again.

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