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When I woke up today I wanted a bit of sunshine and a good cup of coffee. Too bad the weather was overcast and the threat of rain hung in the air. Just when I was about to order a coffee at the hotel bar, I remembered my colleague telling about this cute, happy little place: Bicky and Brew. Would it be there where I would get my sunshine for the day?

Bicky and Brew Singapore 2

Whenever I am in Asia, it seems that my ability to anticipate the weather is temporarily gone. In The Netherlands it’s easy: dark clouds equals wet clothing, but in Asia that’s not the case. You could spend the day being lucky while dark clouds are overhead, or you could be soaked to the bones in a matter of minutes. I decided to take the chance and went in search of this special coffee shop: Bicky and Brew.

Bicky and Brew: a needle in a haystack.

After a good 1.7 km. walk I ended up at the street I needed to be in. Totally relying on Google Maps I must have looked like a lost penguin walking up and down the quiet street. Somehow I just couldn’t seem to find the place. After the third time walking down the street I finally found it, yay! Now my colleague already warned me that the place was not big, and boy she did not exaggerate one bit. Bicky and Brew is as big as a walk-in closet; two seats at a small bar and a counter where you can order your coffee. However, it would soon become clear that (guys pay attention now…) size does not matter!

Bicky and Brew Singapore 3

Bicky and Brew: A happy little place

When I entered the place I was immediately welcomed by Erin, the smiling owner of Bicky and Brew, and a Flamingo covered wall. The Flamingo’s and the colourful interior instantly made me forget about the weather outside and cheered me up in a way. I ordered an espresso and we started chatting. Erin, born somewhere south of Sydney, came to Singapore with her husband. Working as a nurse back down under, she always had a dream of owning her own coffee shop. Like most of us, taking the leap to actually do it always seemed too risky to Erin.

Bicky and Brew Singapore 5

A year ago Erin decided to take the leap and ‘Bicky and Brew’ was born. Looking for something nice to dress the place up, she stumbled into the Flamingo wallpaper and immediately she was sold. And who can blame her. That flamingo-covered wall brings out the sunshine in anybody who steps inside. The simple design has made it’s way across the internet on social media. Even as I sat there, two Japanese tourists came in to order a ‘cuppa’ and take pictures of themselves posing in front of the wall. I could see Erin beaming with pride and joy when she watched the two girls taking pictures. Such a happy little place she had created!

Espresso and Cappuccino

Bicky and Brew Singapore 4

Erin brews her coffee with a Mazzer grinder and a La Marzocco Linea (her pride and joy) and uses the Dutch Colony Batavia blend. The blend consists out of Brazilian and Sumatra beans that give the coffee a nutty and surprisingly sweet touch. The espresso was just right; the crema was spotted and thick and the flavours came out well. The temperature was good and aftertaste lingered long enough. Next I ordered a Cappuccino, after all I needed to stock up on caffeine to make it through the day. Before long I had a nice warm cup of Cappuccino in front of me. Normally I don’t like cocoa on my Cappuccino, but when I took a sip it really complemented the taste of the micro-foam and espresso. I guess Erin sure knows what she is serving!

Bicky and Brew: Sunshine and Flamingo’s

Coffee Attendant at Bicky and Brew

After I ordered another Cappuccino to go, it was time to go back to the hotel again. When I stepped outside I felt like I had my bit of sunshine for the day. On top of that I got to taste a good espresso and Cappuccino at the start of my day. I guess whenever the weather is not working for me when I am in Singapore, I’ll just go and visit Bicky and Brew.

Find Bicky and Brew at:
31 Club Street #01-02, 069468, Singapore

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