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Review: Rufous Espresso Blend

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Beans: Rufous Espresso Blend
Shop: Rufous Coffee Roasters, Taipei

A while ago I wrote a blog about Taipei. I wrote about my efforts to meet up with the barista world champion Berg Wu. During that trip I also went to Rufous Coffee Roasters and I bought Xiao Yang’s acclaimed Espresso Blend. Here is my review!

Rufous Espresso Blend: Background information.

Normally I would be giving information about the farm, altitude etcetera, but this time that is simply not possible. Instead I will tell you what beans are in the blend. Xiao Yang’s Rufous Espresso Blend consists out of many varieties. The most important ones are: Washed Valmar Guatemala (Caturra), Honey White Washed Finca Piezan Tarrazu Costa Rica (Typica), Washed La Hacienda Colombia (Bourbon,Caturra), Washed Biloya Coop Yirgacheffe (Heirloom G1). The details of his blend are of course a secret, but for the review it will not matter that much. With naming these beans I merely want you to know that the beans in this blend are of high quality.

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Rufous Espresso Blend: Opening the Package

The package of the Rufous Espresso Blend looks really cool. The black package and the red words give it a luxurious look. When I open the package and sniff inside, the scent feels soft to the nose and is kind of sweet. I cant help but think of nuts and vanilla in a way. The beans are fresh and the package is only four days old after roasting. So whatever the outcome of the review, it’s not the freshness of the beans that can be questioned! When looking at the beans I notice several colours and sizes and will say it is a medium/dark roast.

Rufous Espresso Blend: The Tasting

When grinding the beans a heavy scent hits my nose. The scent of nuts is intensified and so is the sweet tone. Let’s brew this boy! The scale tells me I’ve got 18 grams (as usual) in my portafilter and I double check my machine. All is set and I pull the handle. The moment the coffee starts brewing I get excited. The coffee flows out as if its molten brown lava. I time 25 seconds and stop the brewing. Perfect!

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I let the espresso swirl in my cup and sniff: soft, sweet, honey and even flowery. The nuts are there as well, but it doesn’t overwhelm at all. Time for my first sip. The mouthfeel is full, crema is nice and thick and I notice the acidity is medium in this blend. The fruity flavours combine with nuts and biscuit and a tinge of sour that completes the taste in my mouth. When I breathe back through a closed mouth, I notice the honey again. Rufous Espresso Blend is perfect for…well…espresso!

Rufous Espresso Blend: The Verdict

What is there to say about this blend. There is a lot to discover when you taste this coffee. The nutty flavours are definitely there, but the hints of fruit and honey cannot be ignored either. The balance of this blend is exquisite and I totally see why Rufous’ blend is so highly acclaimed. If you are in the neighbourhood of Rufous in Taipei, go inside and buy a package of the Rufous Espresso Blend. You will not be disappointed at all!

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