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Review: Ritual, single origin

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Beans: Ritual, single origin, Tipica plant.
Shop: Tazza Cafe, Lima Peru

If you read my blog ‘Dont Look for Love, Look for Coffee‘, you already know about Tazza Cafe and what a great place it is. Now you can read about their Ritual coffee in this review.

Ritual: Background information

The Ritual coffee is a single origin from the Tipica plant. The Tipica plant is considered one of the oldest varieties of coffee around. The plant can grow up to 4 meters tall but does not have a high production value. The beans that come from the Tipica are considered of a high quality.

Ritual is grown in Villa Campa Oxapampa and the plantation is situated at around 1500 meters altitude. Tazza Cafe chose the washed production and decided on a medium/dark roast profile.

Ritual: Opening the package

When I open the package I see the medium/dark color of the beans and notice a soft sweetish scent. The beans are all of the same size and taste strong but pleasant when I bite down on one. I grind my first batch of beans and inhale slowly to take in the scent; ashes, biscuits and a hint of sweetness spring to mind almost immediately.

The Tasting

I scoop my coffee and weigh a perfect 18 grams in my portafilter. The temperature of my water is perfect and when I start brewing the syrup-like espresso starts to come out. I inhale the scent of the warm espresso and notice that the sweetness is a little more obvious now. When I take my first sip I let the coffee swirl round in my mouth while inhaling. The mouthfeel is half-full and the crema is medium. I realise that most of my tasting is done halfway through my mouth: hazelnut, biscuits and cocoa tones. After swallowing a sweet/salty sensation in the back of my mouth makes the aftertaste linger for a long time. This is good! The acidity is medium to low and it suits this bean perfectly.

Ritual: The Verdict

Ritual is a nice bean for espresso. The choice to do a medium/dark roast profile with this washed bean is perfect. Here is a typical ‘good morning’ espresso where you get the best of both worlds! A strong espresso with darker flavours and aroma’s combined with a soft hint of sweetness (could be grapes but fruity for sure) that will make you brew another one right away. As a Cappuccino this bean works as well. Notice how the nutty flavours mingle with the milky foam on top? Also notice that the crema is perfect for a latte art?

Ritual might not be a Yirgacheffe or Geisha but it does the job very well. A balanced profile makes this a ‘all-day’ bean and let’s you work it as you please; espresso, cappuccino, latte…anything you want. So, whenever you are in the neighbourhood of Tazza Cafe in San Isidro, Lima…go ahead and buy a package!

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