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Review: Cuba Turquino Lavado

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Beans: Cuba Turquino Lavado
Shop: Smaak Enzo, Heerhugowaard

Today’s review is about the single origin Cuban Turquino Lavado which I picked up at the local shop Smaak Enzo in Heerhugowaard. Rest assured; this bean is widelyspread throughout the world and should be available in lots of countries.

Cuba Turquino Lavado: Background information

The name Turquino Lavado actually means that this bean has undergone a washed proces and that the beans used are at least screen 17 (the size of the bean). The Turquino Lavado is grown on the slopes of the Cuban Sierra Maestra at an altitude of about 1700m, which is fairly low considering most other coffee’s in the carribean are grown at an higher altitude. The low altitude gives the bean a low acidity and fine flavours.

Cuba Turquino Lavado: Opening the package

When opening the package I notice the light colored beans; they are nice and dry and not oily at all. The scent is not that strong, certainly in comparison with the espresso escuro I reviewed recently. Lets grind this bean!
The grind comes out and I smell earthy tones with soft sweetish scent as well. As always I use 18 grams of coffee to make the espresso.

Coffee Attendant Cuba Turquino Lavado

Cuba Turquino Lavado:The tasting

The crema is light brown but it already appears nice and thick.
When taking my first sip I notice, as I mentioned before, that the acidity is very low. You can detect a hint of acidity but it is gone before I know it. This is a mild coffee with earthy tones complementing the rich crema. The suprise comes when you swallow the coffee and wait for a split second. The aftertaste of this bean presents you with a sweet honey-like tone, wow!. All of the sudden I have a mouth full of earthy flavours accompanied with a lingering aftertaste that is sweet.

Cuba Turquino Lavado: The verdict

The single origin Cuban Turquino Lavado is a very well balanced bean. Although the coffee is not that strong in taste, it does go well in a cappuccino too. In my opinion this is a bean you can easily wake up with in the morning. When you buy this coffee try to slow down your drinking and letting the aftertaste manifest itself a little. You will not be dissapointed at all. As for the dosage; I would stick to the 18 grams of coffee of go for more. The coffee does not hold itself well when using 16 grams when it comes to the aftertaste.

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