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Review: Pasñapacana Cusco, Cusco, Peru

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Beans: Pasñapacana Cusco
Shop: The Coffee Road, Lima, Peru

Once in a while you bump into a treasure when reviewing an unknown coffee. Today was such a day, and I am super excited to let you guys know just how good the Pasñapacana Cusco is. I do want to tell you this already: this is one of the best, if not THE best coffee I have tasted to date.

Pasñapacana: Introduction

A couple of weeks ago I went to Lima, Peru and visited The Coffee Road (Cofi Rod). I visited the place with my colleague’s and bought a package of coffee with the name Pasñapacana Cusco. It consists out of the beans from the Tipica plant (which gives very few fruits, but has an excellent quality to it), and the Catimor plant (a middle-east plant used primarily to add extra flavour to the coffee).

I had never heard from this coffee before. All I got to know was that it came from a farmer called Celestino Huilca and that it was a very good coffee. I went home and eagerly prepared myself a coffee with said beans…and this is the review!

coffee attendant Pasñapacana package

Pasñapacana: Background information

The Pasñapacana Cusco is grown on an altitude of 1830 meters and comes from the Cusco area in the south of Peru. The beans went through a washed proces but that shouldn’t be a suprise since it is a high-quality coffee. The farm that produced this bean is from the Celestino Huilca farm.

Pasñapacana: Opening the package and grinding

When opening the package you can already discover a soft nutty and caramel scent. That scent intensifies when you start grinding the coffee. I quickly prepared myself an espresso and it was at this point that I got enchanted by the Pasñapacana Cusco.

coffee attendant Pasñapacana collage

Pasñapacana: The tasting

The thick crema felt smooth and was accompanied by the caramel and chocolate tones. The flavours of dark chocolate and nutts (hazelnut/almonds) where the first to appear. When letting the coffee swirl through my mouth and slurping oxygen, the flavour of orange kicked in. Wauw! This coffee was balanced, rich in flavours and smelled just great!
The aftertaste was rich and lingering and I couldn’t get enough.

When preparing a Cappuccino the crema was great for latte-art and the flavours mingled with the milk in a superb way. This coffee makes you taste the milk AND the flavours of the espresso at the same time without any one of them overwhelming the other.

Pasñapacana: The Verdict

I immediately contacted Alejandro Chu, the owner of The Coffee Road and told him that this was the best coffee I had tasted in a long while, maybe even the best ever. I cant wait to go back to Lima and buy myself another batch of these beans!!!

Pasñapacana: Update 17-07-2017

Unfortunately Ajelandro does not know when the bean will be available again. I will try to update this review when I know more.

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