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Review: Sidamo single origin, Henry’s Coffee

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Bean: Sidamo Arabica, single origin, grade 2 bean, Ethiopia.
Shop: Henry’s Coffee, Webshop, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Today I will review a special bean for you: the Sidamo bean! As you might know, my last review concerned The Blend; a Uganda/Colombia blend from Henry’s Coffee. Henry’s Coffee suprised me with a kind of a scoop this time. They allowed me to buy a sample of their new line: Ethiopia to review, and I am really excited to start off this review.

Sidamo: background information

This Ethiopia bean is a grade 2 washed Sidamo arabica bean from the south region in Ethiopia. The plantations are located at an altitude of 1750m on the hills of Sidamo. In the first sentence alone you will probably find words you dont understand, so I will break it down quickly. I will write a blog about the bean harvesting processes in the near future. This Ethiopia bean is from the second highest quality there is and it is processed in a way that you get a medium/high acidity (washed) in your coffee.

Sidamo: Unpacking.

When opening up the package of the Sidamo coffee a fresh vanilla and tea leaves scent appears. The beans have a nice color and the roasting date is only a week old. This is going to be fun!

When grinding the beans the scent spreads out a more fruity and tea leave kind of scent which is accompanied with a hint of lemon. The dosing is exactly 18 grams of coffee.

Coffee Attendant Sidamo Henry's Coffee espresso

Sidamo: the tasting

When the cup is full I let it flow around in my porcelain cup and sniff. A smooth scent comes off of the coffee, is that a hint of flowers? It could very well be! What a bouquet of scents this coffee has.

I take a sip and slurp oxygen through the coffee. I swirl it around in my mouth before swallowing it. The coffee has a syrup-kind of body and really fills up my mouth. The acidity is medium and well balanced when taking in account the other flavours and tones: lemon and tea leaves/flowers. This is heaven in my mouth. The smoothness and flavours just keep comming in with every sip I take. This is a really good coffee. The aftertaste lingers and lingers and is very pleasant since you dont want it to go because of the quality of the coffee. Wow, I just keep telling you guys how great this bean is!

Sidamo: the verdict

Henry’s Coffee really did a great job here; this is a fresh well balanced bean which hits the mark spot on. I would even dare to say that the tasting notes of this coffee would come out in any full-automatic coffee machine as well! When possible, just go the extra mile and try to squeeze in an extra 2 grams of coffee, you wont be disappointed at all! Unfortunately this bean will not hit the shelves just yet, but Henry’s Coffee will let me know when they are planning to release the bean! When they do, I will notify you via Instagram (koffie_toerist), Facebook or Twitter. AAA-coffee!

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