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Review: The Blend, Henry’s coffee

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Bean: The Blend, Colombia Supremo and Uganda Screen 18 beans.
Shop: Henry’s Coffee, Amsterdam (webshop)

After a couple of days of blistering heat, I finally managed to put myself behind my computer and treat all of you on a review once again. This time im reviewing beans from a webshop called Henry’s Coffee; a roastery located in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. The coffee I am reviewing today is called The Blend and consist out of two different beans: Colombia Supremo and Uganada Screen 18.

The Blend: background information.

Before starting to review the coffee I want to tell you about the beans that are used to create this coffee. The Colombia Supremo bean is grown in the central/south district of Colombia in the high western reaches of the Andes. At an altitude of 1960m the cherries get a lot of sunshine and are harvested during the months of october and november. The 150 farmers growing the Colombian Supremo bean, use the wet-wash proces to get the best quality coffee.

The Uganda Screen 18 bean comes from the south-western part of the country. Henry’s Coffee picked the biggest cherries (hence the ‘Screen 18’ which implies the size of the bean) in order to provide a bit more cafeine and a thick darker layer of crema. This bean was used in a natural proces and adds medium body and a light acidity to your coffee.

Coffee Attendant The Blend 16 grams

The Blend: unpacking

So let’s see what The Blend does in a cup of coffee! When opening the package a soft smooth caramel and cocoa scent appears to the nose, yet it is not as strong as I hoped.
After the grinder is finished I scoop the coffee and put my nose to the cup. Tobacco ashes, Anis and a bit herby.

The Blend: the tasting

When brewing an espresso I immediately notice why Henry’s Coffee used the Uganda Screen 18 beans. A dark beige brown crema appears on the espresso and through the glass I can clearly see that it’s thick. A good start!
When taking my first sip, earthy and nutty tones come forth and completely fill my mouth. The light acidity and lemony aftertaste linger for a while giving the coffee a nice complexity. But do not think this is a light crisp coffee easily dispatched! The Blend has deep and strong flavours and scents. The crema rests on the coffee like a lid and offers a full sensation in your mouth. It also has an ideal crema to create a vibrant Latte-art on your cappuccino and macchiato coffee’s.

The Blend: the verdict

Henry’s Coffee The Blend is a complex coffee which offers a nice espresso and cappuccino style blend. As a Lungo it comes across a bit too harsh but that is a personal reference on my behalf. The Blend is a nice strong coffee to start the day with. Coffee-lovers will appreciate the two layered flavours and tones that I got while reviewing it. I do think this is a blend less suitable for people who are sensitive to cafeine, since The Blend does provide you with a certain ‘cafeine kick’! The mix of the Colombia Supremo and the Uganda Screen 18 beans is spot on and both accompany each other very well. The Uganda gives a strong bite to the coffee where the Supremo offers the light acidity and lemony aftertaste.

PS: When reviewing this coffee the temperatures outside were around 30 degrees with a high humidity. Therefore I could only use up to 15 grams of coffee for a doubleshot espresso. The tasting of the coffee therefore was a bit troublesome. I do not think that this affected the review alot, but it is only fair to mention these conditions as it does affect the grinding of the beans.

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