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Review: Black and White espresso

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Bean: Blend 100% Arabica, Black or White
Shop: Smaak Enzo, Heerhugowaard

Today I will be reviewing a blend of Arabica beans from Costa Rica, Guatemala and Ethiopia. The name of the blend is called ‘Black or White’ and refers to the fact that you can use this coffee for a strong espresso (or cortado, lungo etc), or for a nice cappuccino (or a latte, flat white etc.)

Unpakcing the Black and White espresso.

When opening the package I immediately notice the difference in smell from the other reviewed blends. The scent is strong and rich as you inhale and when biting down on a bean the intense flavour is already noticable

The grinder starts to do its job as the room fills itself with a heavy smell of nuts. When scooping the coffee another scent appears; spices and yet again a bit of nuts and a hint of ashes. Let’s see if the coffee holds when we make an espresso.

Black and White espresso: the tasting.

When looking at the extraction of this coffee I notice the blended colors of beige, brown and dark brown. When taking a sip I can clearly distinguish the different beans in this blend. Citrus fruits, a slight hint of bitterness and a fresh acidity. This blend is well balanced but not too complex in its taste. As an espresso this is spot on, but I do think the taste might be a little too overwhelming in a white coffee.

Time to put that last sentence to the test and make a cappuccino with the Black or White blend.
The nice thing about this blend is the color of the crema. This is what you want to see when pouring the cappuccino; a dark brown color which makes your latte art even more visible in your cup. Luckily I was wrong when thinking the taste would be too strong. The 18 grams of coffee I used to make the Cappuccino fits well with a creamy micro-foam topping the espresso. This blend is fierce yet not overwhelming at all. I do miss the citrus flavour of the blend now that it’s mixed with the milk but it does not even bother me that much.

Black and White espresso: the verdict

The ‘Black or White’ blend from Smaak Enzo is a strong well balanced blend. You can clearly taste the different beans in this blend and, as the shop told me, it fits in both a dark coffee as well as in a white variant. I do have to say that its quality just is not as high as the Gautemala Antigua or Gayo Raja Batak. If you are looking for an all-round coffee and don’t want to hassle with two types of beans for your espresso and cappuccino, this is your choice.

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