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Review: Guatemala Antigua, single origin.

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Coffee Review:

When buying beans I can be a real pain in the… I want to bite down on a bean, know about the roasting date and what the salesperson can tell me about the beans. If they cannot tell me about the beans, I’m not buying. At Smaak Enzo all of this wasn’t a problem en here I am now; reviewing the Guatemala Antigua single origin bean of Smaak Enzo.

Beans Guatemala Antigua Coffee
Beans Guatemala Antigua Coffee

When I opened up the package, the aroma didn’t hit me like a club. A smooth and soft aroma flowed into my nose. It was a mixture of caramel and biscuit that was accompanied with soft chocolate. When grinding the beans however, the aroma became more obvious and the aroma of biscuits entered my nose and filled up the room. The caramel was only present in the sweetness that I sensed while sniffing the ground coffee. I liked the aroma and could not wait to start brewing.

The Tasting

Espresso Guatemala Antigua
Espresso Guatemala Antigua

Before long my scale told me my portafilter was filled with the desired 18 grams; let’s do this! My pre-heated cup got filled up with a flowing beige brew. The biscuit aroma made way for hints of caramel and syrup once more. When I took my first sip I immediately noticed the lemon-fruity taste the salesperson told me about. Slurping oxygen inside made this even better and the citric acidity clearly peeked around the corner. Where I got the distinct flavour of chocolate, the flavour of cocoa eluded me. I was a bit disappointed about that. The thickness of the coffee was good; it wasn’t sticky and gave me a full-bodied sensation. When the coffee cooled off a little, a vivid flavour of a cedar and pine Forrest appeared. It was as fleeting as it was strong, but what a surprise that was. It doesn’t happen often that the pine tree and cedar notes of a coffee are this vivid.

The aftertaste was good; it lingered and really made me enjoy the coffee after it was finished. I cant wait to whip up a Cappuccino with this bean.

The Verdict

Smaak Enzo delivered a great bean. Although the cocoa taste eluded me, the lemon-fruity aroma was definitely there. The cedar and pine Forrest aroma hit me like a bomb and made this a bean I’m definitely going to buy again. Wel done Smaak Enzo.

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