Mentiritas Blancas Geisha White Nacre package

Hits: 0Beans: Finca La Mimada, Geisha, Honey naked, Santa Clara, Panama.Shop: Mentiritas Blancas, Panama City, Panama. Mentiritas Blancas – Geisha White Nacre: Background information. It has been several years since I first visited Mentiritas Blancas, seller of the Geisha White Nacre, in Panama City. It was due to a friendRead More →

Mentiritas Blancas Ka'Kau logo

Hits: 1Beans: Mentiritas Blancas, Pacamara, Natural, Chiriqui, Panama.Shop: Mentiritas Blancas, Panama City, Panama. Mentiritas Blancas – Ka’Kau: Background Information. It has been several years since I first visited Mentiritas Blancas in Panama City. It was due to a friend of mine in Panama who pointed out that this was theRead More →


Hits: 5When traveling the world like I do, it is easy to get a global perspective on coffee, the roasters and the quality of both. As more and more consumers reach out for the specialty grade coffee, more and more businesses start roasting specialty coffee as well. Anyone can buyRead More →

Nomad Coffee F.E.T. NBOM package

Hits: 7Beans: Bombe, Heirloom 74219/74212, Natural, Sidama, Ethiopia.Shop: Nomad Coffee, Webshop, Barcelona, Spain. Nomad background information: In 2011, Jordi Mestre, has been working in some of the best coffee shops in London and decides to put all he has learned to work…as a nomadic barista. This is the starting pointRead More →

Neira Cafe Lab La Margarita beans

Hits: 4Beans: La Margarita, Red Bourbon, Super Natural, Ocobamba, Cusco, Peru.Shop: Neira Cafe Lab, Lima, Peru. Neira Cafe Lab – La Margarita: Background Information. Harry Neira, the owner of Neira Cafe Lab, was introduced to coffee by his ‘Abuela’ at the age of nine. At the age of 18, HarryRead More →

Broz Tostamos Cafe - Finca Cruz Loma

Hits: 9Beans: Finca Cruz Loma, Typica, Honey, Pichincha, Ecuador.Shop: Broz Tostamos Cafe, Quito, Ecuador. Broz Tostamos Cafe: Background information. Broz was introduced to me by the owner of Traviesa in Quito. Felipe told me of Broz when I wanted to visit some new shops after corona. Broz was started byRead More →

Balance Coffee Amederero

Hits: 19Beans: Amederaro, Heirloom, Natural-ASD, Konga, Yirgacheffe, Ethiopia.Shop: Balance Coffee, Webshop, Singapore. Balance Coffee: Background information. Balance Coffee was formerly known as Geisha Specialty Coffee, a well known name in the Singapore coffee scene and in mainland China. Ever since COVID ran its course, and the university near the formerRead More →

Hits: 2Beans: Sun Jaroen, Caturra Yellow, Caturra Red, Washed, Nan, Thailand.Shop: Thai Specialty Coffee, webshop, The Netherlands. Thai specialty Coffee: background information. The story of Thai Specialty Coffee started back in 2004, when owner Martin went to Thailand for the first time. Falling in love with the people, the cultureRead More →